Nation.Cymru launches politics and identity survey

Children on St. David’s day. Picture: National Assembly. (CC BY 2.0)

Nation.Cymru has launched a survey in order to find out more about our readers’ views on politics and identity.

The survey includes questions about what kinds of subjects you would like Nation.Cymru to cover, as well as your thoughts on Wales’ constitutional future, and Welsh identity as a whole.

The average time for filling in the survey is five minutes. If you could do so, we would very much appreciate it.

The survey can be filled in by clicking this link.

Thank you very much,

Ifan Morgan Jones, Nation.Cymru Editor

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  1. Aled Thomas

    Done 🙂

  2. This is a good idea, but I had to leave a lot of the questions blank. I’m a floating voter and mainly vote PC only because it’s the only party proposing independence. I think of my identity as 1.Me (whatever that actually means) and 2. Homo sapiens. I don’t think being Welsh is linked to which, if any, sport you follow, where you were born, what languages you do or don’t speak, In my opinion, which is no more relevant than anyone else’s, if you live in Wales and consider yourself Welsh, then you are Welsh. Disclaimer, I was born and spent the first 18 years of my life in Cornwall. One side of my family can trace its roots back to at least 17th Century Cornwall. The other side is English and Irish. I have lived in Wales for 34 years. My children were born and brought up here. I have no plans to live anywhere else.

  3. Too many options. If I did it again I guarantee my answers would be ordered differently.

  4. Sorry. Your survey is not well thought out. The scoring system is not clear nor explained well. Eg in a ranking system of (say) 6 questions, is ‘6’ considered the most or least wanted choice. Suggest you give it some more thought. I’ve been analysing MR surveys for years!

    • I agree the whole rank from 1 to 6 wasn’t 100% clear, I’m sure some people (and I hope not me!) will have gotten it wrong.

    • Unfortunately the ranking system comes out differently on a mobile device compared to a PC, which makes it far harder to use. It was put together on a PC so we didn’t realise this until it was brought to our attention by users. We live and learn! – Ifan

  5. Baswn i’n hoffi gweld mwy o Gymraeg ar y wefan ond ni rhoddodd yr arolwg y cyfle I mi ddweud hynny.

  6. sianiflewog

    Massive hole in your questionnaire: in the section with 18 (or 20?) options, there was no section on politics in the Cynulliad . . . i’m on this site to find out more about the ‘baw yn y bae’

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