New Channel 4 ‘Llas Vegas’ show gets instant backlash – before it’s even made

Johnny Vegas. Picture copyright the BBC

A Channel 4 commissioned show ‘Llas Vegas’ has garnered an instant backlash online, before it has even been made.

The channel announced on Twitter that they had commissioned the four-episode series starring Johnny Vegas as he sets up a holiday home camping site in the north of Wales.

Comparisons were drawn with the much-derided BBC Wales comedy Pitching In, which has been condemned by many including an Assembly Member as a form of “cultural colonialism”.

Llas Vegas will see Johnny Vegas source and renovate five vintage, single story buses and transform them into unique holiday homes on wheels on a site in Wales.

But many pointed to the double-ll in the name as a calculated insult towards the Welsh language.

Responding to the online announcement, Anwen Evans said: “Ah colonialism, the gift that keeps on giving.”

Arwyn Lloyd said: “Is this serious? Have you not noticed the backlash against “Pitching in”? Very similar premise. Can I suggest you rethink this.”

Others expressed their discontent in more colourful language.

Will Daws, Managing Director Plum Pictures said: “Llas Vegas will surely become one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the country – if Johnny can raise the money, buy the buses, sort out planning permissions, keep the locals on side and stick to a schedule. What could possibly go wrong?”

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