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Nation.Cymru is a news service by the people of Wales, for the people of Wales. And its success depends entirely on the people of Wales.

It is an attempt to set up a national, popular, not for profit news service, with the aim of answering the central question: ‘How can we become a better nation?’

Anyone who believes they have something to say is invited to contribute to it.

Why do we need Nation.Cymru?

We have never had a national English-language news service. The Western Mail and Daily Post are regional news services, while BBC Wales is a regional arm of a British corporation.

The Welsh media has deteriorated even further in the last few years. What remains of Wales’ regional, commercial English-language press is in sad decline.

The print circulation of our English-language papers continues to dwindle, and websites struggle to produce revenue.

As Welsh newspapers are bought by larger companies, editorial decisions are increasingly being made outside of Wales’ borders, with less and less relevance to Wales.

It is no surprise therefore that surveys have consistently shown that the people of Wales do not know what is going on in their country.

Many people do not understand what powers our parliament in Cardiff has or what can be done with them.

Meanwhile, the tectonic plates of the United Kingdom are shifting. Post-Brexit, Wales faces a turbulent economic and political future. Our nation’s very existence could be at stake.

Wales has to decide where its future lies within this new order, and Nation.Cymru can be a platform for that discussion – free from the commercial pressures that drive other newspapers and websites.

We want to include everyone in that discussion. We want to include YOU.

What Nation.Cymru isn’t

Nation.Cymru does not support any particular political party

There are people who want what’s best for Wales in the Labour Party, Plaid Cymru, the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives and the Green Party, and they all have something to contribute.

We do however reject the toxic politics of the far-right, who have nothing to offer but hate and division.

Nation.Cymru will not be a 24/7 news network

We won’t be competing against the BBC or ITV to break every story.

We would rather publish a handful of good stories or opinion pieces every week than thirty stories sourced from press releases, which have also appeared on every other platform.

We understand that in this day and age people dip into individual stories through social media. They are not dependent on one news source for all their news as they used to be.

There is no reason for us to waste precious resources creating content that is already being supplied by other sites.

Nation.Cymru is not a commercial platform

We do not have any click targets for our articles. We do not have any shareholders to please.

We will ask for donations and show occasional adverts. But any money made will be invested back into the service, and above all on investigative journalism.

Nation.Cymru is nothing without YOU

If you think the site is not up to scratch, and that you could do better, please contribute.

We don’t just need writers, but also those with expertise in data, coding, and business. Let us know what is important to you.

Writing a blog? Why not publish on Nation.Cymru, and together we can reach a broader audience.

If you don’t have the time to contribute content, please consider a donation so that we can keep the site going.

Thank you very much,

The Nation.Cymru team

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