‘Comprehensive’ guide to Welsh Independence launched

Colin Nosworthy, one of those who worked on the book, at the launch, with Iestyn ap Rhobert (seated)


A book which offers a ‘comprehensive’ guide to Welsh Independence has been launched in Aberystwyth today.

The first edition of the 64-page Independence in Your Pocket was introduced at the Old College in the centere of the town.

The book argues that independence would be a means of kick-starting the Welsh economy and expanding its tax base.

It points to the Republic of Ireland, which has a similar population to Wales but a GDP per head of €50,000 to Wales’ €23,000.

YesCymru Chairman Iestyn ap Rhobert said that the book was “an important, positive starting point for future discussion”.

“It could be argued that this is the most comprehensive document arguing for Welsh independence to have ever been published,” he said.

“The aim of the booklet is to present arguments for independence by challenging the status quo.

“Faced with the arguments presented, coupled with the fast-changing constitutional landscape, we ask: How can the issue of Welsh independence be ignored any longer and what possible case is there for the status quo?”

As well as economic factors, the book also points out that Wales rarely gets the government it votes for.

Since 1945 the vote of the people of Wales only decided the government of the UK for two years, in 1964 and 1966, it says.

Independence in your Pocket is published by YesCymru and is available to buy for £5.

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  1. Where is the online version?….this is not the 1950s!

  2. Paula Davies

    I’ve seen more inspiring covers!

  3. I’d gladly pay £5, but isn’t there a pdf version available online?

  4. Lewis Rees

    Where can it be bought?

  5. Nick Stradling

    Great work.

  6. John Young

    Brilliant. I’ll buy it as soon as I get home from Majorca (sorry to lower the tone) 😀. I couldn’t have been in Aberystwyth today for obvious reasons.

  7. Great effort……………..Please have an online version you can buy…………..HOWEVER……why arent you selling this for free btw?

    No one except a hardcore niche are going to PAY for this.

  8. Replying to the comments above. A hard copy will be available to purchase online soon. As a voluntary movement, we’re just working out the logistics. A free PDF version will also be available online soon. Diolch.

  9. Paul Bradbury

    How to order ?

  10. Well done to the authors – no one has produced something like this since the late Dr Phil’s ‘Budget for Wales’ two decades ago. Let’s hope it gets widely read, widely discussed and and widely circulated.

  11. da iawn i bawb sydd ynghlwm a hwn, edrych ymlaen i gael copi.cyn bo hir… rhannwch gwybodaeth o ran ble i gael copi

  12. Good to hear Hedd wynfor…Diolch am eich ymateb

  13. The booklet is available to purchase for £5 + P&P here > http://yes.cymru/independence/

    There will also be a free PDF version available on the above link, but at a later date.

  14. Great news produced by a great movement.

    On a seperate note I would like to thank some of the commentators for yet again providing much needed entertainment (not).

  15. John Young

    It’s well worth buying Phil Williams’s Budget For Wales’ as well. Very informative albeit referring to the 94/95 fiscal year.

    Hopefully the new book covers similar ground. So many people have been brainwashed into thinking Wales can’t afford independence. They’ll need facts and figures to be persuaded.

  16. Tudor Wms Rees

    There was an aspect of the “Queen’s Speech” that I found puzzling and a little worrying. It was reported that:–

    The government used the Queen’s Speech to stress that one of its priorities was to “build a more united country, strengthening the social, economic and cultural bonds between England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales”.

    I have no real objection to being a UK citizen, but like many Celts would prefer to see the UK with a federal structure, and perhaps the House of Lords replaced by a UK wide co-ordinating chamber.
    Is what May is proposing a recognition of the need to foster a greater understanding of the culture, language, literature and traditions of all the nations comprising the UK, or a Guardian type approach with even greater emphasis of English culture and traditions in the guise of “Britishness”!
    This would be another gamble that could blow the UK apart, and I am uneasy as English PM’s have a poor history when it comes to gambling. We can recall Churchill’s gamble to support the USA decision to overthrow the democratically elected PM of Persia and bring back the Shah, Eden’s gamble to invade Suez, Blair’s gamble in backing Bush in Iraq, Cameron and his Referendum, May’s decision to rush out to the USA and embrace Trump [or at least to hold the hand of the Donald] plus the gamble of the 2017 election.
    It does not look good.
    I prefer an evolutionary aproach, and was hoping that we had a “remain” vote during the referendum, with the necessary changes in the EU, being accompanied by significant changes in the UK constitution that moves towards a federal structure. The present chaos may result in an independent Scotland that joins the EU, and Wales having to decide whether to remain part of a declining UK, or go for Independence, thus joining a more dynamic Celtic block within the EU.
    It has its attractions!
    Tudor Wms Rees

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