Five Welsh films to watch while self-isolating

Nia Edwards-Behi It seems everyone’s looking for a distraction in these uncertain and worrying times, and between all the different streaming services and Blu-ray shelves, it’s stressful enough just trying to settle on something to watch. In light of that, here’s a hand-picked list of Welsh films worth your time […]

Review: Fight and Flight – Essays on Ron Berry

Jon Gower ‘I’ve been obsessed with language, and it’s been crucifying sometimes, and sometimes it’s a kind of ectasy.’ So said writer and ecstasist Ron Berry – a one-off buccaneer in fiction and truculent artist who was nothing less than tirelessly productive. There were half a dozen novels, essays, short […]

Review: Tylwyth uses nostalgia to say something new

Nick Davies We live in an age obsessed by nostalgia, seemingly a culture peering backwards as much as embracing an uncertain, even terrifying, future. It’s evident in most of Hollywood’s recent blockbuster output with their reboots, re-duxes and re-imaginings, as well as in publishing with Margaret Atwood, among others, revisiting […]