Why support for Welsh Independence could hit 40% by 2020

David Williams In the 19 years since the turn of the millennium, a total of five new independent nations have come to exist. These nations are found around the globe, from Montenegro and Kosovo in Europe, to South Sudan in Africa. Other currently ‘stateless nations’ look set to join them. […]

The contradictions of the left-wing case for Brexit

Dylan Llyr Over the past year or two, there has been quite a debate within the Welsh independence movement about whether it should be a big tent, remaining neutral on every question other than ‘should Wales become independent?. The opposing view is that it should instead adopt detailed political positions […]

After Britain: Wales and Ireland in the post Brexit era

Adam Price, Leader, Plaid Cymru Today I will be addressing the Institute of International and European Affairs in Dublin. My visit comes at a critical and anxious time for Wales and Ireland. In the coming weeks – and not for the first time in our respective histories – decisions are […]

The Politics of Fake Migration Crises

Aled Edwards Suddenly, the large room became busy as more migrant families filed in. It was the day after Thanksgiving in the Catholic Charities Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, Texas a few miles from the Rio Grande river. The US immigration authorities had delivered several families, including many children and […]