Kirsty Williams is losing parents’ support – but she could win it back with quick action on home-schooling

Terry Mackie, former Head of School Improvement and Inclusion for Newport Council ‘Absolutely shocking!’ ‘Poor leadership and guidance AGAIN Kirsty for anybody working in the educational sector…… what about Year 11 assessments?’ ‘Are you going to change the plans again…..Oh come on Kirsty!’ ‘Admit we’re closing until half-term….if only there was […]

Are we going to lose the National Library of Wales?

Andrew Green The National Library of Wales is one of Wales’ best ever creations. Since 1907 the Library has served as our national memory.  It’s unique in the world as an amalgam of national library, national archive, art store and gallery, broadcasting and media collection, electronic storehouse, and much more. […]

Time is running out on the history of Wales

Siân Gwenllian, Plaid Cymru Member of Senedd for Arfon “When I want to understand what is happening today, or try to decide what will happen tomorrow, I look back.” – Omar Khayyám The idea of using past experience to help us understand the present is not a contentious issue. Nor […]