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Nation.Cymru is a news service by the people of Wales, for the people of Wales. And its success depends entirely on the people of Wales.

It is an attempt to set up a national, popular, not for profit news service, with the aim of answering the central question: ‘How can we become a better nation?’

Anyone who believes they have something to say is invited to contribute to it.

Why do we need Nation.Cymru?

We have never had a national English-language news service. The Western Mail and Daily Post are regional news services, while BBC Wales is a regional arm of a British corporation.

The Welsh media has deteriorated even further in the last few years. What remains of Wales’ regional, commercial English-language press is in sad decline.

The print circulation of our English-language papers continues to dwindle, and websites struggle to produce revenue.

As Welsh newspapers are bought by larger companies, editorial decisions are increasingly being made outside of Wales’ borders, with less and less relevance to Wales.

It is no surprise therefore that surveys have consistently shown that the people of Wales do not know what is going on in their country.

Many people do not understand what powers our parliament in Cardiff has or what can be done with them.

Meanwhile, the tectonic plates of the United Kingdom are shifting. Post-Brexit, Wales faces a turbulent economic and political future. Our nation’s very existence could be at stake.

Wales has to decide where its future lies within this new order, and Nation.Cymru can be a platform for that discussion – free from the commercial pressures that drive other newspapers and websites.

We want to include everyone in that discussion. We want to include YOU.

What Nation.Cymru isn’t

Nation.Cymru does not support any particular political party

There are people who want what’s best for Wales in the Labour Party, Plaid Cymru, the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives and the Green Party, and they all have something to contribute.

We do however reject the toxic politics of the far-right, who have nothing to offer but hate and division.

Nation.Cymru will not be a 24/7 news network

We won’t be competing against the BBC or ITV to break every story.

We would rather publish a handful of good stories or opinion pieces every week than thirty stories sourced from press releases, which have also appeared on every other platform.

We understand that in this day and age people dip into individual stories through social media. They are not dependent on one news source for all their news as they used to be.

There is no reason for us to waste precious resources creating content that is already being supplied by other sites.

Nation.Cymru is not a commercial platform

We do not have any click targets for our articles. We do not have any shareholders to please.

We will ask for donations and show occasional adverts. But any money made will be invested back into the service, and above all on investigative journalism.

Nation.Cymru is nothing without YOU

If you think the site is not up to scratch, and that you could do better, please contribute.

We don’t just need writers, but also those with expertise in data, coding, and business. Let us know what is important to you.

Writing a blog? Why not publish on Nation.Cymru, and together we can reach a broader audience.

If you don’t have the time to contribute content, please consider a donation so that we can keep the site going.

Thank you very much,

The Nation.Cymru team

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  1. Croeso! Would you care to tell your readers who you, as individuals, are?

    • Ifan Morgan Jones

      Hi Richard. We’re a large group that contribute a little each, but this will hopefully add up to a lot. I’m the editor at the moment. If you would like to contribute please let me know!

  2. Well done Ifan so glad to see the website up and running.

    I write my own blog which you can see at http://www.bloglet.wales. I am happy to contribute in the future if you are interested. Please feel free to get in touch if you think it’s appropriate.

    Thanks. Dylan.

  3. Robert Llewellyn Tyler

    Great to see this.

  4. Hello Ifan, a warm thanks to you and the team for setting this up!
    Whether the site is up to scratch or not is way too early to say and I dare say sensible suggestions and adjustments will be made along the way.
    Okay, let’s get started! The only way we can make Cymru better is to firstly have respect for ourselves and for all our fellow countrypeople. The only way we can begin to do this, is to call ourselves who we are and that is Cymrieg. Therefore, will you set an example and please desist from using the worst label the Saxon gave us which is wales viz wéalas viz foreigner? How can we move forward one single step if we accept a lie that we are foreigners in our own land? How can we be taken seriously if we continue to wear what to all intents and purposes is another controlling ‘Not’?
    I have very recently written to many government agencies and private companies requesting that they also drop this degrading word. I recently heard back from Y Lolfa and they replied “Yes you are right and it is something that we should be addressing. We’ll keep this in mind”. I have since asked if they have a timescale for the change, but it is very early days.
    We have to once and for all reject everything to do with Westminster and become Independent. Otherwise we might as well accept what many already see as us becoming the next 22 shires of England. I would hazard a guess that it is doubtful Westminster will allow all of them to remain irrespective of history. Losing six to the Irish Republic will be more of a relief to Westminster than a wrench and after all Cymru is a far better playground for the English. They raped our land and now it is healing they have already begun to exploit our countryside.
    We also have to disassociate ourselves from everything that is and all those that call themselves ‘British’. A term that I have found has lost any respect in many quarters of this world when on my travels. An added bonus if you so wish to call it is that a Cymrieg passport will make us all a lot safer around the world. We do not need to try and find our place within this ‘new order’, one, we will not have a say and two, it is an old order and it has already begun to decay. What Cymru needs is a totally new concept along with it being a new country. One based on renewable and sustainable new and advanced technologies, perhaps even becoming a world leader. With a coastal site, with a harbour, certain infrastructure which may be usable and a skilled workforce able to retrain, the Port Talbot Steel site should be compulsory purchased or just taken into Cymrieg ownership and developed without delay for renewable energy generation. Otherwise, if this site is allowed to be developed for housing, we shall see the latest policy in English resettlement in our history being put into practice and the rapid demise of our nation.
    Your aim of offering Cymru a voice and rejecting the toxic politics of the far-right, I humbly believe, does need clarifying. I would like to add for consideration that as this voice will be ours it is not for the British, therefore if you exclude the British political parties you have already got rid of any toxic and far-right toxic politics for a start. I do not expect you to solely back Plaid Cymru or any other Cymrieg party or group, but I would expect to see them contributing to this wonderful new online news service. Remember, the news we have is English and it is controlled by the English and even when we have local items it is more than likely censored by the English. They already have their propaganda machines, what we need is a source of truth. If this is truly going to be the start of ‘The Free Cyrmu Press’ we have to be ‘Celtic’ inclusive, which also means inviting items from all Celtic Nations and Cymrieg enclaves like Patagonia.
    From what I have read of your work thus far I do not think for even a fraction of a millisecond that you are going to be anything like those foreign broadcasters, nor including such pathetic content most of which is made up or manipulated. I gather news from the web, social media and especially from reliable sources (mainly friends on facebook) for information, history and much more around Cymru. Perhaps it may be an idea to invite regular inputs from reliable, remote reporters from all areas of Cymru. All in all what every Cymry yearns for is honest and reliable journalism and not just any old foreign journalism, but it has to be Cymrieg journalism!
    I take it you will have a legal team, hopefully doing some pro bono work, from many of the good firms to assist with the investigative journalism? I would again like to suggest, perhaps a team of public and corporate accountants who can investigate the corruption that is ongoing within Cymru today and in the past, that we hear and read about.
    May the adverts, if you need them, be nothing to do with the ones that we find on w—-online, yahoo homepage and many, many more of the same detritus wannabe celebrity or right wing propaganda or potion selling capitalist trash! No one needs adverts like these thrust in their faces.
    I guess it is pretty obvious I have no trouble donating my time as for money I will see what I can do.

    • Sibrydionmawr

      Hmm, just a little too much of the romantic, sentimental nationalism there for my liking, but, hey ho, we’re all different. However, I must take issue with you over your assertion that we only need to refuse the English extreme right in order to protect ourselves from the toxicity of right-wing propaganda. This is where your romantic and sentimental form of nationalism is seriously flawed, blindsided even. There is an extreme right wing, Welsh nationalism that is alive and well, that is ever as toxic as the English variety, perhaps more so, as though their numbers are extremely small, so are ours, and so perhaps the toxicity is more virulent than the English variety that perhaps we have developed some immunity from? Right-wing bastards are just that, and, sadly for people like you Dafydd, they tend to congregate in where the expressions of Welshness are at their most romantic and sentimental. Beware.

      Some years ago I was a member of a small left-wing Welsh political organisation that was committed to a free and socialist Wales. I was asked to go along and support another Welsh political group, who personally I had some doubts about in terms of their ideology. Nonetheless, assured that my suspicions were incorrect I went along. I’d been there a short time, perhaps some ten minutes or so, on Queen Street in Cardiff, of all places, when one of the people in the group I was there supporting got into a discussion with someone. I overheard this person say that as far as he was concerned, there were no English people, and that they were, more correctly North Germans. I also heard a few other statements that quite simply horrified me, to the extent that I packed up and went home, in a fuming bad mood. I voiced my annoyance to the person who had assured me that this group was made up of sound people, and he had to admit that he’d not come across such attitudes. However, I have a slightly different explanation. We are a small nation, and those of us who think of Wales at all as an entiity, no matter what our political affiliations, are a very small group, so we are always going to be pretty welcoming to anyone who appears that they may be supportive of our cause. But, the pitfalls are that we sometimes overlook nasty traits and perhaps explain it away as youthful exuberance, or mere unfortunate use of language rather than anything more sinister, when we should always see things for what they are.

      If we are to succeed, we will need the support of progressive people, no matter where they are based, particularly in England, where in my experience there are a growing number of people who are genuinely sympathetic to our cause. Indeed, we may come, in the end, to rely more on these people than we do some who are, ostensibly, our own, but who, over time, have proved themselves less than reliable. We do need to stand up and be our proud selves, but not in any arrogant, or dog in the manger way that is too often the way with fringe nationalists on the extreme right in Wales, (or anywhere else, come to that). I’ve met far too many ‘Welsh Nationalists’ who subscribe to a mild form of a philosophy similar to that of Anders Breivik, and though I doubt they are anything like as extreme, they are, nonetheless, extremely obnoxious. I’m proud to call myself a Welsh Internationalist. There is no contradiction, as to genuinely care about all other nations you first need to care about your own. It’s not about being better, it’s about being ourselves, and recognising that we have the same rights as all other peoples, on an equal footing.

      Having said all that, I think it’d be wise also to be wary of anyone peddling that bogus internationalism spouted about by the liberal left which is no more than thinly veiled imperialism, but veiled it seems only to those suffering from it – which is the state of a large part of the English liberal left.

      As far as the use of the term Welsh is concerned, I wouldn’t fret too much about it, as we all know what it means, and we can reclaim it and use it with a pride. So long as we reclaim it whilst asserting our identity, and our pride, especially when using our own language, we could end up using it as something of a taunt – as if to say, okay, so you think of us as foreigners in our own country, but the joke’s really on you. We can’t, sadly reclaim Britishness, as it has become so toxic around the world. Yes, at some point we’ll need to consider and deconstruct our own part in that toxicity, and what roles were played by Welsh people, unwittingly, unwillingly, or not. Even the purely Welsh colonisation of the Chubut Valley was colonisation, and cannot be properly understood unless we also consider the experience of the people who inhabited the area before the arrival of the Welsh, but that is for another day, first we need to properly crawl out of the mud and stand on our feet.

  5. Marc howell

    This is a desperately needed platform and I welcome it and look forward to its development.

  6. Nice to see you up and running. Pob lwc.

  7. Danny KilBride

    Da iawn chi. Looking forward to seeing this progress

  8. Hang on – shouldn’t it be Cymreig?

  9. Almost every print and broadcast news outlet people read, watch or listen to in wales is owned and controlled outside wales, there can be few countries in the world where such a dire state of affairs exists. Any initiative which seeks to redress this striking imbalance should be welcomed. Good luck.

  10. Irene Cuogo

    Hi everyone, Nation Cymru seems an exciting and positive initiative.
    I would like to put forward my contribution by suggesting to openly extend a welcome to participate to the immigrant and refugee groups that live in this country. For a few years now, and especially since Brexit, discourses and narratives of migration etc have been increasingly negative and we have no voice to represent us anywhere in the UK, therefore I think that to give us a platform where we can voice our concerns, thoughts and/or compliments would be beneficial for everyone and a sign of a country that is open to and supportive of multiculturalism and where TRUE integration happens.

    Irene Cuogo

  11. Croeso! I’m a third generation Welsh Patagonian, now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Almost all Welsh descendants here support a free Cymru, it was the dream of our forefathers, and why they came here. Pob lwc!

  12. How do we donate?….article is unclear

  13. Ydy hi;n bosib gwneud cyfraniad misol drwy DD? | You need a steady income stream as part of a business plan. Is it possible to make a regular monthly contribution by DD?

  14. But are we all included in this ‘YOU’? 36 out of 38 opinion pieces published so far were written by men. @Nation.Cymru follows 20 Twitter accounts; 19 are white men and the other is an institution run by one of those men. Granted, I (a woman) have not offered to write a piece. Perhaps all the women of Wales are reticent or have nothing to say. Ditto minority communities. But perhaps not. Nation.Cymru is a fantastic idea. I agree with its aims and read every piece. But attempting to base an inclusive emergent conception of nationhood on a set of largely corroborative (exclusive?) opinions will fail, by definition.

    • Sibrydionmawr

      Is it exclusive though? Whilst most of the contributors so far may have been white men, there is no apparent bar on anyone who doesn’t identify with that label writing for Nation.Cymru, is there? If you don’t like the way something is, then surely the way to change/challenge that is to get up of your backside and make your contribution rather than sitting on the sidelines moaning that you weren’t given a personal invite!

      The last sentence in the first paragraph just about says it all really:

      “Anyone who believes they have something to say is invited to contribute to it.”

    • Ifan Morgan Jones

      Hi Mari. I accept contributions from anyone who is willing to contribute. Unfortunately very few women have done so. I suppose that’s something that’s harder to rectify on a site where people, including editors, contribute voluntarily than one where the editor’s full time job is to commission articles from a wide range of viewpoints. If you do have any ideas for an article please get in touch!

      • Diolch, Ifan. That’s fully understandable (the Twitter following less so). Please don’t think that I don’t appreciate you doing this in your own time and the work that’s already gone into it. I will of course let you know if I have an idea for article, and have indeed been thinking about this for a while, though the “awen” hasn’t struck yet – for Sibrydionmawr this doubtless disqualifies me and other non-authors from holding any sort of critical view. But I do worry that the more a certain type of article is volunteered, the more difficult it may become for those from a different group or perspective – particularly those new to the website – to feel they can contribute.

        • Ifan Morgan Jones

          Hi Mari. Thanks for the message. The Twitter following is because I’ve only really followed people who have contributed in order to be able to tag them in messages with less bother. Not contributing certainly doesn’t disqualify you from holding a view and I’ve taken your comments on board. Best, Ifan.

  15. mike smith

    All debate is good and pob lwc but why is this an English language site written by men? I run Arts Scene in Wales and ensure that the site has articles and reviews in both languages and by men and women.

    • Ifan Morgan Jones

      Hi Mike. This is a voluntary site and anyone can write for it be they male or female, and in Welsh or English. I wrote a Welsh language article last week which is still on the front page.

      Unfortunately as a voluntary site I’m dependent on people to volunteer to write. So far this has been a lot of men and few women!

  16. Byddai’n ddefnyddio pe bai’r post hwn (neu rywle arall sy’n amlwg) yn ei wneud hi’n glir iawn ble mae angen anfon cyfraniadau. Ar hyn o bryd mae’n glir bod croeso i bobl anfon cyfraniadau, ond dyw e ddim yn glir ble dylid eu hanfon.

  17. Long overdue, nation.cymru would need to connect with all peoples of Wales and beyond.
    Need to get the word out.
    Do we need a printed version for people not online ?

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