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Beautifully illustrated card game featuring characters from Welsh mythology goes on sale

30 Jan 2024 5 minute read
Welsh Legends cards

Two Welshmen who are passionate about Wales’ heritage and history have launched a set of Top Trumps style playing cards based on characters from Welsh mythology.

The makers of the beautifully illustrated card game, David Daniel and Eifion Rogers, aimed to create an engaging and educational experience for children and young adults while also appealing to anyone with an interest in the rich and fascinating history and folklore of Wales.


Each pack contain 32 high quality cards featuring characters from Welsh mythology and legend including Blodeuwedd, Branwen, Mari Lwyd, Gelert, Gwenllian The Warrior Princess, Lady of the Lake, Merlin the Wizard, The Morgens, The ghost dogs of Annwn, The Physicians of Myddfai, Rhiannon, St Dwynwyn and Twm Sion Cati.

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Eifion Rogers who graduated from University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) in 2007 has had a varied career since completing his studies including coaching football teams and publishing a book on the history of football in Brynamman.


With Eifion’s family hailing from the small village of Myddfai in Carmarthenshire, known for folklore tales of the Physicians of Myddfai and Lady of the Lake, Eifion has always had a fascination in this area.

It was a trip to Ireland back in 2018 that sparked the idea of the game, where he learnt about Irish mythology and a book containing old folklore stories that had been created by school children from information they had collected from their oldest living relatives.

The Top Trumps style card game featuring characters from Welsh mythology

As a graduate of UWTSD, Eifion was been able to seek advice from the University’s Enterprise team to help with the start-up of his business.

Dylan Willams-Evans, UWTSD’s Enterprise & Future Funds Executive Officer said: “It is fantastic to see that having attended our Business Start-up Course, received 1-2-1 support and accessed our Entrepreneurship Startup Grant, that Eifion has gone ahead and used all that he has learnt to successfully start his business in an area that he is extremely passionate about and where he has spotted a gap in the market.”

Eifion praises the University on helping him get to where he is today saying: “UWTSD had a massive impact on my development and everything I have achieved in life so far. I forged relationships with staff that I will treasure for a lifetime. I will never forget the way that university shaped my life.”

Eifion imagined creating his own book that shared the myths and heritage of his own land, but after meeting his business partner, David Daniel, they decided to go down the route of a fun and educational card game.

Eifion hopes it will inspire people all over the world to take an interest in these iconic figures that have shaped Welsh culture.

The game has already been shipped to 12 countries and 15 states in the USA and has featured on regional, national and international newspapers and radio stations, as well as S4C.

Children playing with the cards

The project started as  a campaign on fundraising platform Indiegogo with a target of £2000 for the printing and development costs of the game.

They offered a number of attractive perks available for backers, including limited edition prints, thank you cards, and a full deck of the finished cards and presentation box.

Eifion said: “We partnered with a talented artist and designer who will create beautiful character images, as well as historians and researchers to provide the vital story elements for each card.

“We also produce a Welsh language version of the cards which are great for language learners too – unfortunately these sold out very soon after production as they were so in demand which is a wonderful thing in one sense, but not so good for people waiting – but we’ll have them back in stock soon.”


As well as the obvious fun aspect of the cards, Eifion believes the game has great educational value.

“These cards are not only a fun way to learn about the fascinating characters of Welsh mythology, but they are also an immersive and engaging tool for learners to develop reading skills in English or Welsh and great for keeping kids quiet in the backs of cars or on long trips

Speaking about the card game’s launch, David said:”We are absolutely thrilled with the quality and so happy to see the cards available for sale after a successful fundraising campaign.

“Even more excitingly, we’ve seen so many people of all ages absolutely enchanted by the game. They were particularly captivated by Merlin, whose magic powers made him a clear fan favourite.

You can purchase the English language version of Eifion and David’s Welsh Legends card game here.

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Y Cymro
Y Cymro
5 months ago

Superb cards. We in Wales with our myths & legends have influenced the world but get little or no recognition? Where would the story of Robin Hood be told without Welsh mythology. Obviously whoever write Robin House based the character on King Arthur. Too many similarities. Where would Robin Hood be without his connection to Sherwood Forrest & England. What about The Loch ness Monster Scotland, or Finn McCool without mentioning Ireland, Scotland & Isle of Man? With that said, why is it that Welsh mythology is used by Hollywood and Wales is airbrushed from existence without a mention? If… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Y Cymro
5 months ago
Reply to  Y Cymro

All done on purpose so the Anglo can dispossess us of our history and island. We are constantly rubbed out of the history books. For example:. They love to claim Britain is the country, right? If so, it predated England, Scotland and Wales, and in doing so who are the rightful people of Britain? The Britons! And who are they? The people they now call Welsh. So if it is a country then the legal authority goes to the Welsh. If it isn’t but was, then the inheritors of Britain would be Wales, but if you say Wales isn’t country… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Riki
5 months ago

This was already done, its called Gwent! A Witcher card game that CD project Red created. The entire Witcher series is based on Wales and its history. They had a Polish guy create a book so that it could be said that it was inspired by Poland and its history/Legends etc. They constantly do this to our Country, where our stories are only told to the outside world in the context of another country. Games of Thrones and LOTR are perfect examples of this.

5 months ago
Reply to  Stephen Price

Thanks for the offer but I will be unable to find the time. I’m sure there are plenty of people who visit the site who could spare enough time. In regards to the information in GOT and LOTR, and among other IPs that are based on Wales’ History and Legends… is it not all available to the public? Howls moving Castle would be another fine example. Where in it took an English women with Welsh ancestry to create something based on our myths, then selling the rights to A Japanese animated company who then set it in a Fantasy version… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Riki

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