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Watch: Hollywood star Matthew Rhys’ brilliant spoof of Jaws scene

22 Jul 2022 5 minute read
Matthew Rhys reprising Robert Shaw’s memorable role as Quint in Jaws (Credit: Matthew Rhys Instagram)

If you didn’t already know Matthew Rhys is not only a superlative actor, he’s also captain of his own boat.

Operating out of New York harbour, his boat Rarebit offers charter trips to see the sights of the Big Apple by water.

In a brilliant promo to advertise the services of his company Moveable Feast NY, the actor has put his own spin on one of the most memorable scenes from Jaws.

The Welsh star has taken on the guise of shark hunter Captain Quint, played by actor Robert Shaw, to re-enact the film’s memorable Town Hall speech.

Addressing the concerned residents of Amity Island who are being terrorised by a giant Great White Shark, Quint’s unforgettable monologue goes like this…

Quint: “Y’all know me. Know how I earn a livin’. I’ll catch this bird for ya, but it ain’t gonna be easy… Bad fish. It’s not like going down to pond chasin’ blue gills or tommy cots. This shark – swallow ya hole. L’il shakin’,l’il tenderizin’, down ya go. Now we gotta do it quick, that’ll bring back the tourists, that’ll put all your businesses on a payin’ basis. But it’s not gonna be pleasant! I value my neck a lot more than 3000 bucks chief! I’ll find him for three, but I’ll catch him… and kill him… for ten! Now you gotta make up your minds. Gonna stay alive and ante up? Or ya wanna play it cheap, be on welfare the whole winter. I don’t want no volunteers; I don’t want no mates. There’s too many captains on this island. Ten thousand dollars for me by myself. For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.”


Here is Matthew Rhys’ twist on the speech – ‘with apologies to Robert Shaw’.

And yes, as far as we’re aware, the Welshman’s boat is big enough, although if business continues to grow he may say to himself – ‘we’re going to need a bigger boat.’


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A post shared by Matthew Rhys (@moveablefeastny)

Matthew Rhys with the Rarebit (and a bottle of Talisker whisky) Credit: @moveablefeastny


Whether it was fated in the stars or whether it was the whisky talking, actor Matthew Rhys is loving his most challenging role to date – as the owner of an antique boat.

The cruiser boat from the 1930’s – one of only four Wheeler Playmates in the world – is the same class of boat that the acclaimed author Ernest Hemingway owned.

And now the multi-award winning star of The Americans and Perry Mason is offering people the opportunity to charter the historical American gem, called ‘Rarebit’ around New York harbour where they can experience a ‘30s themed cruise in sight of famed Big Apple landmarks the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge.

Inebriated lunacy

“The idea literally came about when I saw the boat advertised on eBay,” Rhys told Time Out New York. “Having been a lifelong Hemingway fan, I was shocked to find a Wheeler Playmate for sale on eBay, as I knew how rare they are.

“In an inebriated moment of lunacy, I bought her and set about a very long road of renovation. Thankfully, I had an incredible captain (Kelli Farwell) who oversaw the whole thing and practically renovated it all herself.”

The Matthew Rhys-owned ‘Rarebit’ Wheeler Playmate cruiser boat Credit: @moveablefeastny

As for that name, he says he couldn’t not purchase it.

“Being Welsh, naturally I believed that it was fated in the stars,” he added, of the (Welsh) Rarebit moniker of the vessel. “Though he added: “It could also have been the whisky.”

Transporting the boat from the West Coast to Brooklyn he came up with the idea of charter cruises around New York harbour under the banner of ‘Moveable Feast’, where small groups of people could have a Jazz Age-era experience including music from gramophone records, picnics, oysters, and more.

“Listening to gramophone records and clinking cocktails while pooling past the Statue of Liberty,” said the actor of his attractive proposition. “I wanted people to enjoy her once again.”

See the sights on a Rarebit harbour cruise Credit: @moveablefeastny

And you never know you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Welshman making an appearance onboard

“When we’ve been short on crew I’ve crewed quite a few charters and I’ve enjoyed them,” he said. “I mix a mean cocktail. I certainly can read some Hemingway, be it ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ or whichever. So, who knows? I could be aboard or I could not be!”

Find out more about the actor’s nautical adventure via the Moveable Feast NY website

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Mab Meirion
Mab Meirion
1 year ago

Matthew Rhys and his love of classy boats is following in the wake of a couple of famous American novelists, both loved classic boat design and sports fishing, I don’t know if Matthew is an angler, I wonder if he ever feels like Ishmael or Jack London when he is onboard?…

The other, Zane Grey…famous for his westerns also had a lifelong passion for trophy fishing… Rarebit’s owner could immerse himself in New York Harbour river life with maybe a new ‘On The Waterfront’ in the pipeline… nice work if you can get it, enjoy!

Mab Meirion
Mab Meirion
1 year ago
Reply to  Mab Meirion

Always good for a quote is Zane e.g. “The lure of the sea is some strange magic that makes men love what they fear.”

Mab Meirion
Mab Meirion
1 year ago
Reply to  Mab Meirion

Another author/sailor (soldier/mountaineer), although not an American, worthy of mention in this one-sided conversation Matthew is Major Bill Tilman and his beloved ‘Mischief’ a Bristol Channel pilot cutter from a century and more ago…

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