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Watch: The stunning words in favour of Welsh independence

03 Jul 2022 5 minute read
A scene from the independence march in Wrexham / Evrah Rose

Thousands of people from all over Wales attended the March for Independence in Wrexham yesterday.

As well as marching around the centre of Wrexham, those who attended listened to speakers in Llwyn Isaf, and were entertained by musicians at various venues.

Dafydd Iwan, who in his usual style roused the crowd with a passionate rendition of Yma o Hyd said: “A new spirit is spreading throughout Wales, and the feeling is growing that we can do better for the people of Wales if we do it ourselves.

“That is the true meaning of Independence, not a separation, but joining all the other nations who govern themselves. Wales is beginning to believe in itself, and nothing can hold back a nation which has self-belief.”

This was the fourth march in a series of Marches for Independence, and the first since the easing of Covid restrictions. The previous three marches were held in 2019 in Cardiff, Caernarfon and Merthyr.

One of those speaking at the event was Wrexham-based poet, author and activist Evrah Rose.

After the march in Wrexham she issued a beautifully rousing poem called ‘I Believe In Wales’.

If you didn’t support Welsh independence before watching this, well, you just might after.


I’m so tired of the negativity towards our national pride and traditions.
It’s bitter and resentful.
If we defend ourselves – ‘Welsh Nat’ is used as an insult…
I’ll be honest, las – I don’t find it offensive.

Can someone tell me – when has our language or, heritage ever been on the wider agenda?
What about our education – green spaces and health care? They’re never mentioned.

Where’s the adequacy in our transport – what is there that actually connects us?
Our roads and railways lead outwardly – taking our resources with it – our economic potential.
Yet – we can’t question this because they say we’re ‘ungrateful’ – ‘too expectant’.

And they laugh at our place names – the way we structure a sentence.
They smirk when we ask for support – along with their un-honrouable members. They belittle our struggles – what message is it – they’re trying to send us?

They take too much – return too little and act like – bank and lender.
We pay millions into their system – the deficits are theirs – but… When they wrongly claim we’re leaching off the state – who stands into defend us? Who in Westminster – actually represents us?

It’s an Anglo echo chamber – from election to election.
They couldn’t care how the cost of living impacts our families – neighbours – our elders.
It is – senseless.

The disregard they hold for Wales.
They don’t cry for Aberfan – Tryweryn or Gresford. They bury our history – denying how they – annexed us.
How the Welsh Knot was used to oppress us – because our language should never be spoken – nor written – on sign or letters.

They ignore our needs – make light and humour of our – Senedd. Only act in a crisis if it’s in – their – best interests.

They see no need to acknowledge – or, respect us.

So… Isn’t it about time we built foundations from the hate that they – send us?

We have the power to grow – to heal and – to mend us. So – why are we still at the bottom?? Why are we still – so accepting??

The only way we will flourish fully – without gaslight or aggression. Is to put our energies into eachother – our infrastructures – with development as our – objective.
Without fear and neglect – but always – with reflection.

Use those slurs they cast as fuel to our prosperity – progression. Don’t forget what we’ve overcome – the centuries of never ending taunts – theft and tensions.

Yet – despite that – we have an unbreakable strength and value – each one of us – possess it.
On that alone – just imagine what we could achieve with…

Welsh Independence!

We could create a future that is both lucrative and reflective – of us as a diverse people – self belief – is the only essential.
Be inspired by the many faces of this country – they’re our ticket – how we’ll become…


Because – in this heart of mine – I know – we have everything we need to – achieve this.

And when I’m asked;
‘What do you believe in?’

I pause – but only for a brief second.
Looking down at the feet that carry me – and the hands – that earn my keep – my pension.

I slowly raise my head – lifting my eyes to meet theirs – without an ounce of doubt or – apprehension.

And with that raw passion my soul inherited – the many whispered lessons – from those who once walked this gorgeous land from which – I hail.
Peaks and Vales.

My answer remains the same – without fail.

I proudly. Unapologetically say.

My friend…

I Believe In Wales.

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Menna Tahleel
Menna Tahleel
1 year ago

It’s as though someone has taken every single YesCymru tweet and laid them in a raw impassioned eulogy of her oppression.

And yes. The Anglo will weep for the anniversary of 7/7…

She is an Anne Frank of our times.

1 year ago
Reply to  Menna Tahleel

Menna, what exactly do you mean by “And yes. The Anglo will weep for the anniversary of 7/7…”? It sounds a) racist and b) threatening. “Anglos” will not be the only ones weeping for the 7/7 anniversary, 52 people from something like seventeen different nations died on that day.
If annibyniaeth is going to = hiliaeth, then count me out.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rich

“If annibyniaeth is going to = hiliaeth, then count me out.”
My guess is you’re not in when it comes to annibyniaeth anyway.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rich

How exactly is referencing a terrorist outrage in another country racist and threatening?

1 year ago

This is incredibly beautiful and moving.
Diolch Evrah Rose for speaking the heart of a movement.

1 year ago

Beautiful, stunning, moving, and everything every Welsh person needs to listen to and take onboard.
Diolch yn fawr Evrah, a beautiful poem.

Y Cymro
Y Cymro
1 year ago

I echo Evrha Rose sentiments. What an inspiration she is. If you don’t believe in Wales ability how on earth can you believe in your own. We are Wales and Wales is us. For centuries the Welsh have been brainwashed by Unionists into thinking we are a lesser people incapable of supporting ourselves. We are continually fed the lie how our country is too hilly for road & rail infrastructure to connect North & South. How we are the wrong size. Our nation far too poor to survive even though we once were the Saudi Arabia of coal and still… Read more »

Keith Gogarth
Keith Gogarth
1 year ago

Great words of truth

Gareth Cemlyn Jones
Gareth Cemlyn Jones
1 year ago

Braf gweld tan yn folia y to ifanc or diwedd!
Araith ardderchog.

Stephen Amos
Stephen Amos
1 year ago

Gorgeous. Inspiring.

Don’t need, can’t, say anything more.
The words speak to me, unfettered and raw.
It makes music from all my cries and assails
For just like Evrah, I believe in Wales.

Matthew Paul
1 year ago


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