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400 educators call on the Welsh Government to drop ‘enforcement’ of English from new curriculum

08 Jul 2020 19 minute read
Kirsty Williams AM. Picture by Welsh Lib Dems (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Over 400 workers and former workers in the education sector have signed an open letter calling on the Education Minister to drop what they call the “enforcement” of English from the Curriculum Bill.

The signatories include teachers, head teachers, governors, classroom assistants and academics.

The Bill, which will be presented to the Senedd today, will make English a compulsory element of the curriculum.

School governing boards will be required to ‘opt out’ of making English compulsory before the age of seven in their school if they are to implement the Welsh-medium immersion period in order to ensure that their pupils become fluent in the language.

Mabli Siriol, Chair of Cymdeithas yr Iaith’s Education Group, called on the Education Minister, Kirsty Williams MS, to drop this element from the Curriculum Bill.

“This letter shows that the experts —  those who work in education —  know that making English a compulsory element of the Curriculum would harm Welsh-medium education and prevent its growth across the country,” Mabli Siriol said.

“The Government has not offered a single piece of educational evidence to justify making English a compulsory element of the Curriculum, and not one organisation or expert has recommended this.

“The only reason given by the Government is that Wales is a bilingual nation, and while this is certainly true, the two languages are not on an equal footing and no sensible legislation would treat them as if they were. It is the Welsh language that needs legislative support, not English.

“If we are to reach the target of a million Welsh speakers and realise the right of every child to our language, then what we need is a new Welsh-medium Education Act that makes Welsh-medium education the norm in every part of the country, not these harmful plans that would turn the clock back.

“There is no reason why English should be mandatory and it is about time that the Government listens to teachers, experts and the public, and drops these nonsensical plans.”


The letter

Dear Education Minister, Kirsty Williams MS,

We write as workers and experts in the field of education to ask you to drop the enforcement of English from the Curriculum Bill. We disagree with the proposal to make English a compulsory element of the curriculum on the face of the legislation, and to require governing bodies to ‘opt out’ one by one of making English compulsory before the age of 7 in their school.

The Donaldson report, which was accepted in full by the Government, did not recommend making English a compulsory element of the curriculum, only Welsh. The Government has not offered any educational evidence or justification for making English compulsory, and not a single expert or stakeholder recommended this during the consultation period1. That is quite different from the rest of the Curriculum for Wales, which is based on the evidence of experts and educators. Welsh education bodies including Mudiad Meithrin and Rhieni dros Addysg Gymraeg have raised concerns about the proposal to make English compulsory and we have not seen a satisfactory response from the Government to their concerns. In practice, there is no need for legislative enforcement to ensure that pupils are fluent in English. English is bound to be taught in our schools, and that is ensured through the Languages, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning and Experience, without the need for a specific legislative proposal. In the current linguistic context, children in Wales will acquire English as it is such a powerful and ubiquitous language in the lives of everyone in the country. We share your aim of ensuring that all children in Wales become fluent in Welsh and English. However, it is clear that it is Welsh, and specifically Welsh-medium education, that needs legislative support, not English.

Making English compulsory on the face of the legislation would have a negative impact on the ethos and practice of schools and other educational contexts where it is already a struggle to make Welsh the norm as a medium of learning and communication. Keeping English in the act as a general requirement but making an exception for the ‘Welsh-medium sector’ is not sufficient. Given the desire for schools to move up the linguistic continuum, it is not an exception for some schools that we need, but to remove English entirely from the legislation.

The proposal of ‘opting in’ to the immersion phase by individual schools demonstrates a lack of understanding of immersion methods, which are so vital to the success of Welsh-medium education, and endangers the use of those methods across the country. It means that it will be possible to change the language medium of a school at the whim of a governing body. It will therefore hinder any strategic planning by local authorities and the Government to grow Welsh-medium education and implement the Welsh in Education Strategic Plans. A system in which Welsh-medium schools must apply for an exemption to introducing English before the age of 7, but English-medium schools don’t have to do anything, would establish the idea that Welsh-medium education is somehow marginal, unusual or abnormal and that English-medium education is the normative medium of education in Wales. It would be a clear example of treating Welsh-medium schools less favourably than English-medium schools.

We fully support the Government’s target of a million speakers and to ensure that 70% of Welsh children leave school fluent in Welsh by 2050. We therefore want the education sector, Government and local authorities to work together in order to implement a single continuum for teaching Welsh and grow and normalise Welsh-medium education across the country. We are concerned that the proposals in the Bill will prevent this from happening. The history of Welsh-medium education is a history of having to fight for its recognition and development. But it it also a history of people innovating and working together in order to maintain this unique legacy for generations of children. We do not want to see the Curriculum Bill turning the clock back and leading to further battles over Welsh-medium education at the level of schools and communities.

Thousands of people speak Welsh today because of the success of Welsh-medium education. We know from our work in the field what works to develop the linguistic skills of children from all backgrounds, and how to create more Welsh speakers to help reach the million. We urge you to listen to the experts — those who work every day to provide and develop Welsh-medium education for all children in Wales.

Welsh-medium education is not an exception to the norm, but is rather something that we should celebrate, embrace and help to grow. We ask you to listen and ensure that the Curriculum Bill reflects that.

Yours sincerely,

Aelwen Roberts, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Angharad Mason Evans, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Angharad Price, Darlithydd prifysgol, Gwynedd

Angharad Jones Leefe, Llywodraethwr Ysgol Uwchradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Angharad Mai Lewis, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Powys

Anwen Jones, Athrawes Gynradd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Alan Thomas-Williams, Athro ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Alan Llwyd, Athro Prifysgol, Abertawe

Albany Jones, Athrawes, Blaenau Gwent

Aled Eynon, Llywodraethwr Ysgol Gynradd, Ceredigion

Aled Davies, Llywodraethwr, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Aled Williams, Pennaeth adran uwchradd, Sir Benfro

Alexis Houldey, Athrawes Uwchradd, Caerdydd

Alisa Lloyd, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Alun Llwyd, Cyn Bennaeth Ysgol Uwchradd, Gwynedd

Alun Jones, Cyn Brif Arholwr/Cyn Diwtor, Ceredigion

Alwen Gwynhefin Jones, Cyn athrawes cynradd ac uwchradd, Gwynedd

Alwyn Hughes, Athro Bro wedi ymddeol, Powys

Anest Bryn Jones, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Gwynedd

Ann Loughran, Uwch ddarlithydd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Ann Fox, Cyn-athro a phennaeth ysgol gynradd, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

Ann Lewis, Cyn-athro ysgol uwchradd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Ann Hopcyn, Cyn-ddarlithydd addysg gynradd, Gwynedd

Ann Williams, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Ann Edwards, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Anna George, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Gwynedd

Annalyn Davies, Cyn-Bennaeth Ysgol Gynradd, Ceredigion

Annona Jones, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Sir Benfro

Anthony Evans, Cyn-bennaeth Adran, Caerdydd

Anwen Evans, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Anwen Evans, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Powys

Arwel Micah, Athro Ysgol Uwchradd, Castell-nedd Port Talbot

Awen Griffith, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Gwynedd

Barry Taylor, Athro, Blaenau Gwent

Beca Newis, Pennaeth Cynorthwyol, Caerdydd

Ben Gregory, Llywodraethwr, Gwynedd

Beryl Cullum Lewis, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Beti Wyn James, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Betsan Williams, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Bethan Evans, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Bethan Walkling, Athrawes Uwchradd, Caerdydd

Bethan Sturrock, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Ceredigion

Bethan Dyer, Uwch gymorthydd, Gwynedd

Bethan Davies, Cyn-athrawes Fro, Ceredigion

Blodeuwedd Wyn, Athrawes uned iaith wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Bryn Davies, Llywodraethwr Ysgol Gynradd, Powys

Buddug Thomas, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Ceredigion

Buddug James, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Carol Jenkins, Cyn-athro a Chyn-swyddog Prosiect Addysg, Ceredigion

Carol Dyer, Cyn-Bennaeth Ysgol, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Caroline Huntley, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Carys Davies, Cyn ddarlithydd, Ynys Môn

Carys Llywelyn, Pennaeth Cynorthwyol, Ceredigion

Carys Edwards, Cyn-bennaeth Adran Ysgol Uwchradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Carys Lake, Ymgynghorydd, Gwynedd

Carys Gwyn, Rheolwr Talaith Mudiad Meithrin, Sir y Fflint

Catrin Davies, Athrawes gynradd, Ceredigion

Catrin James, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Catrin Bellamy-Jones, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Catrin Jones, Cyn gynorthwyydd, Gwynedd

Catrin Rees, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Catrin Duncan, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Catrin Glyn Owen, Arweinydd Cylch Meithrin, Gwynedd

Catrin Ann Phillips, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Catrin Lisa Jones, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Gwynedd

Cathryn Gwynn, Cyn-bennaeth adran ysgol uwchradd, Sir Benfro

Cathryn Jones, Cyn-athrawes cynradd, Sir Gar

Cei Pryderi, SENCO Ysgol, Ceredigion

Cemlyn Howel, Llywodraethwr, Gwynedd

Cen Llwyd, Llywodraethwr, Ceredigion

Cen Williams, Cyn Gyfarwyddwr Canolfan Bedwyr, Gwynedd

Ceri Morgan, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Cerys Charles, Pennaeth Cynorthwyol, Ceredigion

Cerys Davies-Harries, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Claire Gordon, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Cyng Gareth Lloyd, Cadeirydd Bwrdd Llywodraethol, Ceredigion

Cyng Keith Evans, Cynghorydd Sir a Llywodraethwr, Ceredigion

Cyril Jones, Darlithydd y Gymraeg, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Christine Barker-Jones, Athrawes gynradd, Gwynedd

Dafina Williams, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Dafydd Ifan, Athro ysgol gynradd, Conwy

Dafydd Fon Williams, Athro wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Dafydd Glyn Jones, Cyn ddarlithydd Prifysgol, Gwynedd

Dafydd Morgan Lewis, Cyn athro, Powys

Daniel Evans, Cyn-ymgynghorydd ar y cwricwlwm ac ymchwilydd addysg, Caerdydd

Yr Athro Daniel G. Williams, Athro Prifysgol, Abertawe

David Davies, Athro ysgol gynradd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Davina Davies, Is-Gadeirydd Llywodraethwyr, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Debra Eckley, Rheolwr Polisi Mudiad Meithrin, Gwynedd

Dei Tomos, Cyn Gadeirydd Llywodraethwyr, Gwynedd

Deilwen Hughes, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Delyth Tomos, Cyn Athrawes Uwchradd, Gwynedd

Delyth Roberts, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Powys

Delyth Jones, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Powys

Delyth Owen, Arweinydd Cylch Meithrin, Conwy

Delyth Roberts, Darlithydd, Dinbych

Delyth Wyn Jones, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Deris Williams, Cadeirydd Llywodraethwyr, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Dewi Roberts, Cyn Bennaeth Cynradd, Dinbych

Dilys Davies, Cyn-athro a phennaeth ysgol gynradd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Dorian Williams, Cadeirydd Llywodraethwyr, cyn-athro a Swyddog Addysg, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Dwynwen Teifi, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Dyfed Llywelyn, Pennaeth Adran Ysgol Uwchradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Dyfir Gwent, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Dylan Morgan, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion/cyn-lywodraethwr, Ynys Môn

Eifiona Hewitt, Athrawes gynradd wedi ymddeol, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Eiifon Lloyd Jones, Ymgynghorydd Addysg Uwch, Dinbych

Eileen Curry, Llywodraethwr, Ceredigion

Einion Williams, Cyn bennaeth cynradd, Ynys Môn

Einir Ryder, Athrawes gynradd, Ceredigion

Eirian Lloyd, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Eirian Bolton, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Eirian Roberts, Arweinydd Cylch Meithrin, Gwynedd

Eirian Dyfri Evans, Cyn-athrawes gynradd, Caerdydd

Eirian Mary Jones, Cyn athrawes, Gwynedd

Eiry Miles, Llywodraethwr, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Eiryl Rees, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Elain Micah Evans, Athrawes, Powys

Elaine Edwards, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Elen Griffiths, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Gwynedd

Elen Davies, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Elenid Jones, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Eleri James, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Eleri Bowen, Athrawes uwchradd, Sir Benfro

Eleri Griffiths, Rheolwr Polisi Mudiad Meithrin a Chynghorydd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Eleri Jones, Rheolwr Meithrinfa Seren Fach Brithdir, Dolgellau, Gwynedd

Eleri Wyn Llewelyn, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Sir Benfro

Elfed Roberts, Cyn athro, Gwynedd

Elfyn Pritchard, Pennaeth wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Elin Davies, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Elin Mair, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Elin Gwyn, Athrawes gynradd, Caerdydd

Elin Dafydd, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Elin Wyn Hughes, Swyddog Adnoddau Dynol Mudiad Meithrin, Ceredigion

Elizabeth Roberts, Pennaeth cynradd wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Elsie Reynolds, Uwch ddarlithydd wedi ymddeol, Ceredigion

Elvira Griffiths, Athro ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Elwyn Hughes, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Ynys Môn

Ellen Morris, Pennaeth Adran Uwchradd, Caerdydd

Emily Jones, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Emily Jones-Hewens, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Emyr Llywelyn, Athro wedi ymddeol, Ceredigion

Enfys Llwyd, Athrawes Gyflenwi, Ceredigion

Erin Roberts, Swyddog Pwnc CBAC, Caerdydd

Eryl Owain, Athro wedi ymddeol/Llywodraethwr, Conwy

Esta Jones, Swyddog Addysg wedi ymddeol, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Esyllt Maelor, Arweinydd Cynllun y Gymraeg mewn Addysg, Gwynedd

Fioled Jones, Llywodraethwr, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Ffion Roberts, Athrawes Uwchradd, Caerdydd

Ffion Harries, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Ffion Jones, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Ffion Davies, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Ffion Williams, Athrawes Uwchradd, Caerdydd

Ffion Williams, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Gwynedd

Ffion Morgan, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Powys

Fflur Jones, Athrawes Ysgol Gynradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Gareth Williams, Cyn athro, Gwynedd

Gareth Evans, Dirprwy-Bennaeth, Ceredigion

Gareth Tudur, Cyn bennaeth, Gwynedd

Gareth T Jones, Cyn Bennaeth Ysgol Uwchradd, Gwynedd

Gavin Ashcroft, Athro ysgol gynradd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Gemma Marshall, Athrawes, Blaenau Gwent

Gemma Potter, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Geoff Davies, Cyn-ddirprwy ysgol gynradd, Ceredigion

George Amor, Cynorthwyydd dosbarth, Conwy

Geraint Jones, Pennaeth wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Geraint Williams, Athro ysgol uwchradd wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Geraint Passmore, Athro ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Geraint Roberts, Cyn bennaeth uwchradd / ymgynghorydd addysg, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Geraint Wyn Jones, Pennaeth Ysgol Gynradd, Gwynedd

Gerallt Jones, Pennaeth ysgol, Gwynedd

Gerwyn James, Llywodraethwr Ysgol, Ceredigion

Gethin Jones, Cadeirydd Llywodraethwyr, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Gethin Richards, Pennaeth Ysgol Gynradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Glenys Roberts, Cyn Ymgynghorydd Addysg, Gwynedd

Gwawr Jones, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Ynys Môn

Gwawr Howel, Athrawes a dirprwy, Gwynedd

Gwen Emyr, Cyn athrawes a darlithydd hanes, Gwynedd

Gwenan Williams, Cyn ddarlithydd addysg gynradd, Gwynedd

Gwenda Wyn, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Gwenda Davies, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Gwenda Mai, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Dr Gwenno Griffith, Cyn-Ddarlithydd y Gymraeg, Caerdydd

Gwenno Wyn, Athrawes, Sir Benfro

Gwenno Huws, Cyn-ddirprwy bennaeth, Bro Morgannwg

Gwion Dafydd, Llywodraethwr, Ceredigion

Gwyn Roberts, Llywodraethwr, Caerdydd

Gwyn Wheldon Evans, Cyn Diwtor i Oedolion, Gwynedd

Gwynant Hughes, Cyn Brifathro, Dinbych

Gwyneth Jones, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Haf Rowlands, Dirprwy Reolwr Talaith Mudiad Meithrin, Gwynedd

Hana Davenport, Athrawes Cyfnod Sylfaen, Gwynedd

Hanna Llŷn, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Caerdydd

Hazel Charles Evans, Cyn-athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Hedd Ladd-Lewis, Pennaeth Cyfadran Dyniaethau, Sir Benfro

Heiddwen Tomos, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Heledd James, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Heledd Davies, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Heledd Thomas, Pennaeth Cynorthwyol, Ceredigion

Heledd Dafis, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Cymraeg i Oedolion, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Helen Jones, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Helen Greenwood, Arweinydd Ysgol Feithrin, Torfaen

Huw Williams, Aelod o fwrdd Mudiad Meithrin a Deon y Gymraeg Prifysgol Caerdydd,


Huw John, Darlithydd addysg bellach wedi ymddeol a chyn-Gadeirydd Llywodraethwyr, Sir


Huw Evans, Llywodraethwr, Gwynedd

Hywel Davies, Athro, Caerdydd

Hywel Griffiths, Uwch-ddarlithydd, Ceredigion

Ianto Jones, Cynorthwyydd dysgu, Caerdydd

Ieuan Wyn, Athro wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Ifor Gruffydd, Cyfarwyddwr Dysgu Cymraeg, Gwynedd

Imogen Richards, Cynorthwyydd Dysgu, Ceredigion

Ioan Gruffydd, Cyn bennaeth ac Ymgynghorydd Cynradd, Gwynedd

Ioan Rhys Evans, Athro Uwchradd, Caerdydd

Iolo Jones, Athro, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Iolo Williams, Dirprwy bennaeth cynradd, Caerdydd

Iona Jones, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Iwan Jones, Athro wedi ymddeol, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Iwan Williams, Llywodraethwr, Gwynedd

Iwan Taylor, Pennaeth, Ynys Môn

  1. Elwyn Hughes, Cyn Bennaeth ysgol a chanolfan astudio iaith, Gwynedd

Jade Hudson, Athrawes gynradd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Jan Owen, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Jane Aaron, Athro Emeritws, Caerdydd

Janet Jones, Cyn bennaeth ysgol, Gwynedd

Jayne Rees, Athrawes gynradd wedi ymddeol, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Jeni Price, Llywodraethwr, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Jerry Hunter, Darlithydd Prifysgol, Gwynedd

Jina Geraint, Cyn athrawes, Gwynedd

John Roberts, Cyn bennaeth Ysgol Uwchradd, Gwynedd

John Arthur Jones, Trysorydd Mudiad Meithrin, Sir Conwy

John Dilwyn Williams, Cyn Athro/Llywodraethwr, Gwynedd

Judith Humphreys, Llywodraethwr, Gwynedd

Julie Francis, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Karen Evans, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Kiri Thomas, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Laura Ann Jones, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Laura Dobson, Athro ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Laura Wyn Karadog, Cymraeg i Oedolion, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Leah Owen, Athrawes, Dinbych

Lilian Edwards, Cyn athrawes, Conwy

Lilian Jones, Dirprwy-Bennaeth, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Linda Davies, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Liwsi Merrigan, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Powys

Lois Owen, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Lois John, Arweinydd cyfnod sylfaen, Caerdydd

Lou Stevens Jones, Rheolwr Cynllun ‘Croesi’r Bont’ Mudiad Meithrin, Bro Morgannwg

Lowri Williams, Pennaeth Adran Ysgol Uwchradd, Powys

Lowri Pijeira, Athrawes uwchradd, Gwynedd

Lowri Gregson, Athrawes Ysgol Uwchradd, Ceredigion

Lowri Gwenllian, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Lowri Gwenllian Evans, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Powys

Lowri M. Jones, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Gwynedd

Lynn Childs, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Sir Benfro

Lynne Jones, Pennaeth cynradd, Ynys Môn

Lynsey Thomas, Is-Gadeirydd Llywodraethwyr, Ceredigion

Lynwen ap Gwynedd, Cyn athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Sir Benfro

Lleucu Wyn Pughe, Pennaeth Cyfadran y Gymraeg, Ceredigion

Llinos Dafydd, Llywodraethwr, Ceredigion

Llinos Jones, Athrawes uwchradd wedi ymddeol, Powys

Llinos Davies, Swyddog Croesi’r Bont, Mudiad Meithrin, Sir Ddinbych

Llinos Williams, Swyddog Croesi’r Bont, Mudiad Meithrin, Gwynedd

Llinos Jones, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Llinos Lloyd, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Llio Haf Adams, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Ceredigion

Llion Jones, Darlithydd Prifysgol, Gwynedd

Llŷr Pari, Ymarferydd Creadigol Cynradd, Conwy

Llŷr Roberts, Uwch-ddarlithydd, Caerdydd

Llŷr Evans, Pennaeth Ysgol Hŷn, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Maggie Morgan, Athrawes anghenion dysgu ychwanegol, Caerdydd

Magwen Pughe, Athrawes gynradd wedi ymddeol, Powys

Mair Wilson, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Mair Roberts, Athrawes gynradd wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Mair Heulyn, Llywodraethwraig, cyn athrawes fro a chyn athrawes Canolfan Iaith, Ceredigion

Manon Ifan, Cyn-athrawes gynradd, Ceredigion

Manon Evans, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Manon Dafydd, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Manon Hughes, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Marc Jon Williams, Athro ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Mared Esyllt, Athrawes gynradd, Ceredigion

Mared Roberts, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Mared Llywelyn, Llywodraethwr, Gwynedd

Margaret Bowen, Cyn athrawes gynradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Margaret Elizabeth Allen, Athrawes Babanod, Gwynedd

Marged Tomos, Athrawes Gyflenwi, Sir Benfro

Mari Llwyd, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Ceredigion

Marie Flello, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Marlene White, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Bro Morgannwg

Martin Cray, Cyn-Ddirprwy Gyfarwyddwr Addysg ac Arolygydd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Mary Davies, Llywodraethwr, Ceredigion

Mary Parry, Cyn Ymgynghorydd Cysylltiol (Addysg), Sir Gaerfyrddin

Matthew Worth, Pennaeth ysgol gynradd, Bro Morgannwg

Mathew Adams, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Ceredigion

Megan Lloyd Williams, Cyn ddirprwy ysgol gynradd, Gwynedd

Meinir Mathias, Darlithydd, Ceredigion

Meinir Ffransis, Cyn-Gadeirydd Llywodraethwyr dwy ysgol gynradd, Ceredigion

Meinir Greene, Cynorthwyydd Dysgu, Ceredigion

Meleri Jones, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Menna Thomas, Cyn-athrawes a phennaeth blwyddyn ysgol gyfun, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Menna Lynne Hill, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Menna Wyn Blake, Prifathrawes wedi ymddeol, Powys

Meriel Davies, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Meurig Jones, Pennaeth Ysgol Gyfun, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

Mia Grug James, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Mollie Corfield, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Powys

Nansi Pritchard, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Nerys Dobson, Swyddog Croesi’r Bont, Mudiad Meithrin, Sir Conwy

Nerys Griffiths Jones, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Torfaen

Nia Wyn Davies, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Nia Lloyd Evans, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Nia Jones, Pennaeth Cyfadran Ysgol Uwchradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Nia Turner, Athrawes Ysgol Gynradd, Powys

Nia Chapman, Swyddog Cefnogi Mudiad Meithrin, Powys

Nia Powell, Cyn Ddarlithydd, Gwynedd

Nia Pierce Davies, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Nia Ann Davies, Pennaeth Adran Uwchradd, Caerdydd

Nia Mai Williams, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Nia Wyn Hughes, Cyn-athrawes, Ynys Môn

Nia Wyn Davies, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Nia Wyn Young, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Noel Dyer, Athro, Gwynedd

Non Knott, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Non Bullen, Athro ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Dr Non Evans, Pennaeth Adran Ysgol Uwchradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Osian Roberts, Athro ysgol uwchradd, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

Dr Osian Elias, Darlithydd, Abertawe

Owain Jones, Dirprwy ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Owen Gwilym Jones, Cyn bennaeth Canolfan Iaith, Gwynedd

Owen Pennant Huws, Cadeirydd Llywodraethwyr, Gwynedd

Patric Stephens, Cyn-athro ysgol gyfun, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Peredur Lynch, Athro Prifysgol, Gwynedd

Peter Hughes Griffiths, Llywodraethwr, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Phil Mostert, Cyn bennaeth ac Ymgynghorydd Cynradd, Gwynedd

Rachel Ashton Roberts, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Powys

Richard Vale, Cyn-athro a thiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Richard Wyn Jones, Athro Prifysgol, Caerdydd

Rob Hughes, Athro, Merthyr

Robert Jenkins, Pennaeth, Ceredigion

Rhiain Bebb, Cyn-athrawes ysgol gynradd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Rhian Owen Thomas, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Rhian Evans, Pennaeth tair ysgol ffederasiwn, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Rhian Jones, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Rhian Mills, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Powys

Rhian Fidler, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Rhian Lawrence, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Sir Benfro

Rhian Adams, Athrawes uwchradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Rhian Jones, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Rhian Iorwerth, Cyn-athro ysgol uwchradd, Sir Ddinbych

Rhian Morgan, Cyn-lywodraethwr, Ynys Môn

Rhian Baum, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Rhian Awel Dyer, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Rhian Elen Jones, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Sir y Fflint

Rhian Morris Evans, Prif Swyddog ‘Croesi’r Bont’, Mudiad Meithrin, Gwynedd

Rhiannon Daniel, Pennaeth chweched dosbarth, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Rhiannon Wyn Salisbury, Dirprwy Bennaeth ysgol gynradd, Ceredigion

Rhys Morgan Llwyd, Athro wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Sali Edwards, Swyddog Sefydlu a Symud, Mudiad Meithrin, Sir y Fflint

Sara Lloyd Evans, Llywodraethwr, Gwynedd

Saran Gwerfyl, Cyn-athrawes uwchradd, Caerdydd

Selwyn Williams, Darlithydd wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Shan Ashton, Darlithydd wedi ymddeol, Gwynedd

Shan Gwenfron Jones, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Gwynedd

Sharlaine Quick-Lawrence, Athrawes uwchradd, Sir Benfro

Sharon Long, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Sharon Roberts, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Gwynedd

Sharon Francis Williams, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Sharon Llewelyn Pierce, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Powys

Sian Jones, Athrawes wedi ymddeol, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Sian Llywelyn, Cyn athrawes, Gwynedd

Sian Evans, Athrawes, Gwynedd

Siân Dafydd, Athrawes uwchradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Siân Evans, Pennaeth ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Sian E. Jones, Athrawes gynradd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Dr Siân Wyn Siencyn, Cyn-Bennaeth Ysgol Plentyndod Cynnar, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Sion Elwyn, Cyn athro a Swyddog Dysgu a Datblygu Cymraeg, Gwynedd

Sioned Thomas, Athrawes gynradd, Ceredigion

Sioned Jones, Athrawes, Ceredigion

Sioned Thomas, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Sioned Esyllt, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Sioned Myles, Athrawes ysgol uwchradd, Powys

Sioned Huws, Cyn athrawes ail iaith, Gwynedd

Sioned Elin, Cyn-diwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Siriol Teifi Edwards, Cyn-gynorthwyydd dosbarth, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Siwan Francis, Athrawes ysgol gynradd, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Steffan Griffiths, Pennaeth Ysgol Gynradd, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Steffan Jackason, Athro, Ceredigion

Steffan Morris, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Stella Gruffydd, Cyn bennaeth ac Ymgynghorydd Cynradd, Gwynedd

Sue Hart Lewis, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Sylvia Prys Jones, Tiwtor Cymraeg i Oedolion, Gwynedd

Tamsin Davies, Tiwtor Sgiliau Academaidd a Llywodraethwr, Ceredigion

Tecwyn Owen, Athro, Gwynedd

Tegid Richards, Athro Uwchradd, Caerdydd

Teleri Morris-Thomas, Athrawes sy’n Llywodraethwr, Ceredigion

Teresa Davies, Cyn-gynorthwyydd dosbarth, Ceredigion

Terwyn Tomos, Arolygydd ysgolion, Sir Benfro

Tomos Rogers, Athro ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Toni Schiavone, cyn brif weithredwr Asiantaeth Sgiliau Sylfaenol Cymru, Ceredigion

Tracey Davies, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Tracy Jones, Cynorthwyydd Dosbarth, Ceredigion

Twm Prys Jones, Cyn bennaeth a chyn ddarlithydd, Gwynedd

Victoria Evans, Athrawes, Sir Gaerfyrddin

Vikki Tudur, Athro ysgol gynradd, Caerdydd

Vivian Davies, Athro wedi ymddeol, Ceredigion

Gwyn Lewis, Cyn Ymgynghorydd Addysg/Cyn Ddirprwy Bennaeth, Gwynedd

Wendy Phillips, Arweinydd Cylch Meithrin, Sir Benfro

Wendy Lloyd Jones, Cyn ddarlithydd, Gwynedd

Wyn Thomas, Cyn-athro ysgol gyfun, Rhondda Cynon Taf

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