Wales takes the lead for rolling rate of vaccines administered per population in the UK

Covid-19 vaccination. Picture by the Welsh Government.

Wales is now leading the nations of the UK for the rolling seven-day rate of vaccines administered per population.

22,739 vaccines were given out in Wales yesterday, taking the total to 312,305 people in Wales who have now received the Covid-19 vaccine.

England is in 2nd place in administrating vaccines per population over seven days, Scotland in 2rd and Northern Ireland in 4th for vaccines handed out yesterday per population.

Wales vaccinated 0.72% of the population yesterday while England vaccinated 0.46%.

However, Wales still remains behind England for the total percentage vaccinated after a slower start. 9.9% of Wales’ population has been vaccinated compared to 11.8% in England.

After falling back over the weekend due to snow, Wales administered enough vaccines to be back on track to vaccinate the top four priority groups by 15th February.

Health boards need to vaccinate an average of 21,402 people a day to achieve this.

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