Audio: Labour for an Independent Wales ‘opening up discussion within the party’

Sandra Clubb, Ben Gwalchmai and Huw Williams. Picture by Mark Mansfield.

If First Minister Carwyn Jones wants a federal UK he should push for Welsh independence, according to the group Labour for an Independent Wales.

Speaking at a Yes Cymru event to discuss the independence movement within Welsh Labour, Ben Gwlachmai said that if Carwyn Jones wanted federalism “he’s going to have to push for more”.

Dr. Huw Williams said that a poll which showed that 29% of Labour voters were in favour of independence was very encouraging.

“It’s about opening up a discussion within the party,” he said.

“Even if the idea of independence is too radical for most Labour AMs at the moment, we’re making a start.

“It’s important that the push for independence is not something that’s partisan. That it’s not something that’s divisive across party lines.

“This is something that has been a problem in Scotland where independence has been driven by the SNP. But if you look at Catalonia it’s something that’s owned by different parties, so that’s something we could work towards in Wales.”

He suggested that based on their own engagements it was younger people that were most ready to engage with the idea of independence.

“So what we want to do really is to legitimise the idea that it’s OK to be a Labour supporter and say, ‘I’m in favour of independence’,” he said.

The entire discussion can be listened to above.

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