Ceredigion Senedd Member condemns ‘abhorrent’ views of councillor who blamed immigrants for ambulance pressure

10 Dec 2021 2 minutes Read
Picture by neiljohnuk (CC BY 2.0)

Ceredigion’s Senedd Member has condemned as “totally abhorrent” the views of a councillor who suggested immigrants were to blame for pressure on the ambulance service.

Elin Jones said that Lloyd Edwards “does not speak for the vast, vast majority of Ceredigion people”.

Lloyd Edwards, a Liberal Democrat member of Ceredigion council, had said immigrants were putting “more and more pressure” on services in the county.

“I think there are a lot of immigrants coming here, who have come to this county and get the same aid and services as those who that have been born and raised here and then it puts more and more pressure on the ambulance services, and the Welsh government haven’t done enough by bringing immigrants to Wales and to Ceredigion,” Lloyd Edwards, who represents Penparcau, had said.

“Foreign people, I’m talking about now, and they are not paying for the services and they get exactly the same services as the general public. That’s all I have to say.”

Ceredigion Senedd Member Elin Jones, who is also the Llywydd (speaker) of the Welsh Parliament, condemned the comments.

“These are totally abhorrent views by one LibDem councillor who does not speak for the vast, vast majority of Ceredigion people,” she said.

“We are fighting here to support our paramedics to ensure they have enough resources to help us all, no matter where we are from.”

The Welsh Liberal Demorats’ leader in Wales, Jane Dodds, has condemned the comments and an investigation has been opened.

“These comments absolutely do not reflect my views or the values of our party and I condemn them,” she said.

“An independent internal investigation will now determine any future action.”

In a statement, the Welsh Liberal Democrats said: “Ceredigion should be an open place for anyone who chooses to make their life there, including asylum seekers and refugees.

“Wales and Ceredigion have a proud history of welcoming those seeking sanctuary and the Welsh Liberal Democrats will continue to fight to make sure that is the case.”

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Alun Williams
Alun Williams
1 month ago

As a former NHS worker in Ceredigion I can assure you that the NHS would collapse overnight without its workers from other countries. And many people born here would no longer be alive without their help and care.

1 month ago

Well fancy that, a Lib Dem gives us an insight into the real values of his party when the veneer of right on lifestyle lefty liberalism get peeled away. Mochyn.

Gaynor Jones
Gaynor Jones
1 month ago

Why not, ? at least they are young, willing to work and far more intelligent than some of the commentators here. we are desperately short of staff in all sectors and professions in rural Wales cos old people keep moving here thinking its 1958. They do t work, dont have kids to keep schools open, are a burden on social services and healthcare. House pricrs go up, younger generation moves away. And, proprtionally tax paid by foreign migrants is far more than any benefit drawn. I am Sure that there are more Welsh and English born people in Ceredigion who… Read more »

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