Channel 4 show criticised after calling Llŷn Peninsula ‘Cheshire-by-the-Sea’

A screenshot from the programme

A programme broadcast on Channel 4 about a couple looking for a summer home in Gwynedd has been criticised by viewers.

The programme A Place in the Sun: Home or Away was strongly criticised on social media after it was seen to advise viewers on the best places to buy second homes in the area.

During the program, the Llŷn Peninsula is referred to as “Cheshire-by-the-Sea”, and the “Land’s End of Wales”.

The Llŷn Peninsula, where over 70% of the population speak Welsh, has often been at the forefront of efforts to save the Welsh language.

Protest groups have long complained that second homes raise house prices, forcing young people who have grown up in the area to live elsewhere.

Iola Wyn, who has presented programmes for the BBC and S4C, complained about the programme on Facebook and said it raised “big questions” about the summer home industry in Wales.

“It raises big questions that now need to be answered about immigration into Welsh-speaking communities,” she told Golwg360.

“It’s a subject politicians aren’t willing to get to grips with at the moment because they think it’s too sensitive. They think that it would be music to the ears of anti-Welsh language politicians.

“It’s not black and white. We need a realistic assessment of the situation. How many summer homes are in our Welsh-speaking communities?”

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