‘Comprehensive’ guide to Welsh Independence launched

Colin Nosworthy, one of those who worked on the book, at the launch, with Iestyn ap Rhobert (seated)


A book which offers a ‘comprehensive’ guide to Welsh Independence has been launched in Aberystwyth today.

The first edition of the 64-page Independence in Your Pocket was introduced at the Old College in the centere of the town.

The book argues that independence would be a means of kick-starting the Welsh economy and expanding its tax base.

It points to the Republic of Ireland, which has a similar population to Wales but a GDP per head of €50,000 to Wales’ €23,000.

YesCymru Chairman Iestyn ap Rhobert said that the book was “an important, positive starting point for future discussion”.

“It could be argued that this is the most comprehensive document arguing for Welsh independence to have ever been published,” he said.

“The aim of the booklet is to present arguments for independence by challenging the status quo.

“Faced with the arguments presented, coupled with the fast-changing constitutional landscape, we ask: How can the issue of Welsh independence be ignored any longer and what possible case is there for the status quo?”

As well as economic factors, the book also points out that Wales rarely gets the government it votes for.

Since 1945 the vote of the people of Wales only decided the government of the UK for two years, in 1964 and 1966, it says.

Independence in your Pocket is published by YesCymru and is available to buy for £5.

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