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Farage claims Reform UK has been ‘stitched up’ over candidate vetting

18 Jun 2024 3 minute read
Reform UK chairman Richard Tice (left) and party leader Nigel Farage launch ‘Our Contract with You’ in Merthyr Tydfil while on the General Election campaign trail. Photo Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage has claimed his party has been “stitched up” by a firm it contracted to vet candidates.

The party has been hit by a series of revelations about the online activities of some of its would-be MPs, from links to a British fascist leader to suggestions the UK should have remained neutral in the fight against the Nazis and admiration of Hitler’s “brilliant” ability to inspire action.

Vetting firm

Mr Farage said Reform had paid a “large sum of money” to the vetting firm, which he did not name, but claimed the party has been let down.

He told LBC Radio: “Have we had trouble with one or two candidates? Yes, we have.

“We paid a large sum of money to a well-known vetting company, and they didn’t do the work.

“We have been stitched up politically, and that’s given us problems. And I accept that and I’m sorry for that.”

He dismissed as “utter nonsense” questions about candidate Jack Aaron, who is standing against Defence Secretary Grant Shapps in Welwyn Hatfield, over comments about Hitler’s personality traits.


Mr Aaron said in a social media post in 2022 that Hitler “was basically incoherent in his writing and rationale” but was “brilliant” at using specific personality traits “to inspire people into action”.

Asked about the suggestion that Mr Aaron thought Hitler was “brilliant”, Mr Farage said: “This is utter nonsense. It’s rather like… if you asked me, you know, was Hitler a good public speaker? And I say yes – suddenly I’m a supporter.

“This is nonsense.”

Mr Aaron told The Times: “Yes, Hitler was as brilliant as he was utter evil. How is that controversial to say, given that he was able to turn the Germans to such destructive acts, including killing many members of my own family?

“I strongly believe, as a psychologist, in separating intelligence and talent from morality, so that we can adequately diagnose problems and help people.”

Last week Mr Farage suggested the earlier-than-expected timing of the General Election meant vetting had not been possible.

“Don’t forget, I’ve come in right at the last minute, we have not had time to do full vetting of candidates. It’s been impossible for us,” he said.

Mr Farage also defended his party’s “contract” with voters after the Institute for Fiscal Studies said it was based on “extremely optimist assumptions” about growth and the sums “do not add up”.

On ITV’s Good Morning Britain he was challenged about the plan to raise the starting point for paying income tax to £20,000, and the inheritance tax threshold to £2 million, which would benefit wealthier families.

Mr Farage said that by raising the income tax threshold “we make work pay, we get people off benefits, we help the lower-paid keep more money in their pockets and we reduce the need for unskilled migration”.

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Fi yn unig
Fi yn unig
26 days ago

Poor little Nige. Until a few days ago, he wasn’t even interested in playing. Now he’s complaining about being stitched up. Anything short of bypassing the election and being installed as the emperor dictator just won’t be fair. If his rivers of blood racism is not enough to put someone off voting for his hate cult, try this. They plan to raise the £12,570 personal tax allowance to £20,000. What will result is a fully privatised NHS and privatised local authorities. If you think your council tax is bad now, wait until the greed premium to the shareholder tyranny is… Read more »

Daniel Pitt
Daniel Pitt
26 days ago

That feeling when you realise privatisation doesn’t really work

Y Cymro
Y Cymro
26 days ago

Nigel Farage, always playing the victim. When it’s revealed that candidates standing for Reform UK are found out to be Nazi sympathisers always brushes it off as a stitch up. Won’t wash. Also, Nigel Farage himself boasted of his interest in the National Front because his initials were NF , who is reported to have sang ” gas them all, gas them all” a neo-Nazi song about Jewish people, this attested to by a schoolfriend as detailed in an article featured in the Independent newspaper by investigations editor Jed Jeory on the 14th May 2019. Birds of a feather flock… Read more »

Last edited 26 days ago by Y Cymro
26 days ago

“We have been stitched up”
That could be interpreted as him thinking the company has acted deliberately to embarrass or even sabotage the Reform party.

That would be a serious accusation for “a well-known vetting company” to just sit and take.

Alternatively sucking up the “they didn’t do the work.” even though he paid them “a large sum of money” is also only going to do that company harm when it’s eventually revealed who they are.

Steve A Duggan
Steve A Duggan
26 days ago

Farage claims he has had little time – well we’ve known that a GE could be called anytime this year. Other parties have got their act together months ago, why hasn’t his? He also can’t blame his vetting company – his party is bound to attract crackpots, no matter how much they are vetted.

Last edited 26 days ago by Steve A Duggan

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