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Former deputy prime minister warns election campaign will be ‘dishonest’

27 May 2024 2 minute read
Michael Heseltine by Julian Mason is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Tory grandee Michael Heseltine has warned that the General Election campaign will be the “most dishonest in modern time” because both parties refuse to debate the consequences of Brexit.

Lord Michael Heseltine, deputy prime minister from 1995 to 1997 and a key figure in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet, fell out with the Conservative Party during the Brexit debate because he wanted to remain in the European Union.

Writing in the Independent, he said: “We are now at the start of what I foresee will be the most dishonest election of modern times.

“The state of our economy, defence and environment, the need to level up our society, control immigration and restore Britain’s standing in the world. None of these issues can be honestly addressed in isolation from our relationship with Europe. Yet Europe is the no-go area.

“Why cannot the two major parties debate immigration in the round? The boats contain just 5% of those who might or might not be sent to Rwanda. They are a small part of the near-700,000 net immigration figure – the real elephant in the room.

He said Britain needs to work more closely with its “European neighbours, who share our experiences.”

“Until we consider the consequences for our farms, care homes, hospitals and universities of culling the numbers, all the talk of change, the constant assertion of ‘plans’ amount to little more than platitudes blowing in the wind.”

He added that Britain may not be able to rely on Nato if former US president Donald Trump is elected, thus needing a closer defence relationship with Europe.

It comes as the General Election campaign is in full swing.

Labour and the Tories will clash over security after the Conservatives announced controversial plans to introduce National service.

In a keynote speech ahead of polling day, Sir Keir Starmer will say that “economic security, border security, and national security” will form the “bedrock” of the party manifesto.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will reinforce his message that the Conservatives will take “bold action” to deliver “a secure future for the next generation.”

The Tories have said that all 18-year-olds would be made to undertake a form of “mandatory” national service if they are re-elected on July 4 as part of plans.

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19 days ago

There is a lot more than brexit, the Tory party are out the traps already trying to ignore their own provenance of wrecking the nation (inc Brexit). The usual suspect press, Wail, Torygrapgh, Murdoch press, they will all be bending the rules to fib for their billionaire off shore non dom owners to aid the cons. gbeebies will be running the comedy flag higher, but there is a big threat with trump if the cons win especially after the UK Tory party denuded our forces so much.

How is your Russian?

19 days ago

This Swansea Jsck is on point 100 per cent !
A 90 per cent similar message
A refusal to tackle real issues
No vision and direction
No interest in Wales

Mab Meirion
Mab Meirion
19 days ago

M. Heseltine, the ‘silver tongued devil’* put me into a trance once years ago, he was making a speech in Liberal Welshpool and his intonation was hypnotic…

I woke to find myself applauding and sharp elbows in my ribs on both sides…

Him and Liz should get together, strange bedfellows but on the same planet…

* Kris Kristofferson 1971

Y Cymro
Y Cymro
19 days ago

Tory grandee Michael Heseltine states that the upcoming general election will be the most dishonest in modern times? Think he’s stating the obvious there. Has it ever been honest? Both Conservative & Labour have an aversion to the truth. To them lying is a virtue and corruption a perk of the job. At least pirates flew the skull & bones and had a code of conduct.

Steve A Duggan
Steve A Duggan
19 days ago

Both the Tories and Labour are afraid of losing votes to some hard-line leavers. They haven’t got the balls to say it as it is – the country is doing badly out of the EU and we need to rejoin. We will all suffer because of this cowardice and in particular our children. If you are in Wales vote Plaid if you are in England vote for the Liberal Democrats – enough of this crap, time for far closer ties with the EU once again.

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