Future of Welsh media to be discussed at the Eisteddfod

Llywydd Elin Jones

What can be done to strengthen the fragmented Welsh media will be discussed at the National Eisteddfod on Wednesday.

Golwg’s Editor-in-Chief Dylan Iorwerth will chair a panel including:

  • Elin Jones, the Llywydd of the National Assembly
  • Garmon Rhys, BBC Cymru’s Head of News
  • Ifan Morgan Jones, Nation.Cymru’s Editor and Journalism Course Leader at Bangor University
  • Huw Marshall, Digital Consultant

The event called ‘Politics, journalism and digital – the future’ will be held in the Societies Pavilion 2 on Wednesday, August 9 at 11.30.

The discussion will follow on from the report ‘Creating a Digital Dialogue’ published by the News and Digital Information Taskforce in June.

Elin Jones AM said: “I commissioned the Digital Information and News Taskforce report to better understand how we can strengthen the way we communicate as we seek to build our open, digital parliament which engages with all of the people of Wales.

“I’m looking forward to examining the future of politics, journalism and digital in our discussion on the Maes and I hope that many people come to listen and share their views.”

Dylan Iorwerth said that there was a democratic deficit in Wales and a lack of information and debate.

“A key element of that is the use of new media and digital technology,” he said.

“I hope that this debate will be a step towards genuine action and I hope that people will attend in order to let us know what they require.”

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