‘Independent’ McEvoy goes after the First Minister

Neil McEvoy AM

An off-the-leash Neil McEvoy wasted no time in attacking Labour yesterday, accusing Carwyn Jones of misleading Assembly Members.

South Wales Central AM McEvoy, who was suspended from the Plaid Cymru group on Tuesday, set out how he is “going to hold the government to account as an independent Assembly Member”.

He complained that the First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has misled Assembly Members on three fronts:

  • Local development plans
  • Lobbyists access to Ministers
  • The Government’s decision to sell off land under market value

Later the same day he also claimed in the Siambr that the government had allowed nuclear waste from Hinkley Point C in England to be dumped in the sea near Cardiff, without an environmental impact assessment.


Neil McEvoy said that he had submitted a formal complaint to the National Assembly’s Presiding Officer quoting examples of the First Minister misleading Assembly Members in his answers to questions.

“We must not only expect, but demand the highest standards from the First Minister,” he said. “He has clearly fallen below such standards and I want action.”

McEvoy claimed that the First Minister had denied that commercial lobbyists had access to ministers.

“Unbelievably, on 1st November Carwyn Jones had a different view and said that said that he meant that they don’t have formal meetings with lobbyists, after I presented evidence of access,” he said.

“On 13th September 2016, the First Minister claimed he never makes comments on LDPs, despite being quoted by the South Wales Echo as doing so. No complaint was ever received by the South Wales Echo for any misquote.”

He also claimed that the First Minister had tried to offload blame for the “scandalous Lisvane land deal where we the public lost £39 million” on the Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition of 2007-2011.

McEvoy said that the First Minister would have been aware of an Auditor General’s report found that there was no involvement of Plaid Ministers in the sell-off.

A spokesman for the First Minister told Golwg360 that Neil McEvoy’s attack was just an attempt to take attention away from his own suspension by the party.

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