Man told off for using Welsh on self-service Tesco checkout

A man was told not to use a self-service checkout in Welsh in Cardiff because “everyone” in the city “speaks English”.

Nic James was using the self-service checkout at the Tesco in Clifton Street in Adamsdown when he was confronted by a customer.

It became a row after Nic James refused to back down, saying “This is Cardiff, the capital of Wales – where else are we supposed to use Welsh?” he said.

A security guard intervened in the row and later apologised to Nic James.

Nic James, who lives in Rhyl, said: “I’ve seen a lot more anti-Welsh comments online, but this is the first time I’ve experienced it myself and in person.

“I’m not a fluent Welsh speaker, either. I’m a learner, and just taking any opportunities I can to use the Welsh language.”

The incident comes after a woman who was speaking Welsh with her child in Lampeter was told to stop speaking “foreign muck” by a customer.

Elin Jones, who lives in Lampeter, was speaking to daughter Elena while out shopping on Saturday, 9 September.

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