Mark Drakeford complains about doing First Minister’s Questions

21 Sep 2021 2 minutes Read
Mark Drakeford speaking in the Senedd

Mark Drakeford has complained about doing First Minister’s Questions.

The First Minister he said that the session in the Senedd chamber in which he is grilled by MSs is “theatre”.

He argued that there is “no serious debate” because “people are trying to score points”.

In an interview on the Dewi Llwyd ar Fore Sul programme on BBC Radio Cymru, he said “I don’t look forward to First Minister’s Questions really, because it’s theatre.

“There is no serious debate in the Siambr [Senedd chamber] at all – people are trying to score points.

“But I have to do it, it’s part of the job.”

‘Plaid Cymru’ 

The First Minister also discussed the proposed co-operation with Plaid Cymru on the programme.

He said that party would not be able to “pass a single piece of legislation with 30 votes, you can’t pass a budget through the Senedd either”.

When he was asked for an example of a policy that could be included in any deal with Plaid Cymru, he suggested changes to council tax could be one.

He said: “But it is very difficult to do because some people lose out, a lot of people win.”

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1 month ago

Perhaps Nation.Cymru should cover Question Time in full. We can tell the difference between purposeful debate and frivolous point scoring quite easily. If some politicians are wasting time in the Senedd let’s know who are they (ARTD).

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