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Motion at Anglican summit to oppose same-sex marriage set to be revised

26 Jul 2022 4 minute read
Andy John, Archbishop of Wales
Major changes will be made to a document which was set to ask worldwide Anglican bishops to oppose same-sex marriage at a key conference, it is believed.

A spokesman for this week’s Lambeth Conference, which is held once every decade, said there will be a revised text of a draft “call” about marriage which had sparked outrage.

Among the “calls”, which at the conference are similar to motions, the 650 bishops and archbishops from around the world were set to be asked to consider reaffirming a position that “upholds marriage as between a man and a woman”.

The draft call on human dignity also stated that “legitimising or blessing of same-sex unions” cannot be advised and “it is the mind of the Anglican communion as a whole that same-gender marriage is not permissible”.

This was met with fury, frustration and annoyance from many Anglicans since the draft calls were published last week.


It is believed that tweaks have been made to a few of the calls but the one on “human dignity” has prompted the most debate and it may see substantive changes.

Earlier this week bishops of the Church in Wales said the draft text “undermines and subverts the dignity of an integral part of our community, rather than affirming them.”

It added: “Recognising that some provinces will want to affirm the historic understanding of marriage, we wish to assure our LGBT+ sisters and brothers in Christ that we will work to amend this passage to reflect more adequately our understanding of their equal place in the Church”.

The Dean of Southwark Andrew Nunn said: “What really angers me is not the homophobia apparent in all of this, I am used to that, sadly.

“What gets me is the scandalous way the ‘church’, whoever, whatever that is, displays such a lack of openness, transparency and honesty with the rest of us who are the church.”

He said that none of this had been mentioned at the General Synod and he is still waiting for the “open conversations we have all been invited to have which will help us move on even further in our understanding of each other around the subjects of sexuality and committed relationships”.

Grave concern

A group of senior Anglicans have also written to the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who is the conference president, the archbishops and bishops of the Church of England to express their “grave concern” about the call and it implications.

The Canterbury-based Lambeth conference of worldwide Anglican bishops runs to August 8.

It is being staged at a time when there is a profound diversity of views across nations and the conference is seen as an attempt, once in a decade, to gather people together to listen and find some common ground.

Many Anglican churches hold to a traditional view of marriage but there are also a growing number of liberal churches who have adopted same-sex marriage.

It appears that, as the event is being staged in a spirit of listening and the bishops, particularly from those liberal provinces, have made their views very very clear in recent days that the conference has been forced listen and respond.

In a statement Bishop Tim Thornton, chairman of the Lambeth Calls Subgroup, said: “Over recent days we have listened carefully to the responses of bishops to Lambeth Calls: Guidance And Study Documents that was released last week and especially in relation to the draft call on human dignity.

“The drafting group for the call on human dignity will be making some revisions to the call.

“This will be published as part of Lambeth Calls which will be the texts that will be discussed by bishops at the conference.”

He added that details of the changes have yet to be made available but the bishops are now to be given the option “to clearly state their opposition to a particular call” when they are discussed at the conference.

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Cathy Jones
Cathy Jones
1 year ago

If there is a god and it made me, it made me as a transwoman. God is said to be omnipotent with a plan we cannot fathom, so if your son is gay, its because god wanted him that way, if your”daughter” decides that their gender is neither or fluid it is because God wants it so….and that should be the end of it. All theological debate within Christianity is answered by the assertion by scripture, doctrine, priest and layperson that God has a plan that we cannot understand. You don’t have to understand LGBTQIA people it will be revealed… Read more »

Stephen Owen
Stephen Owen
1 year ago

Not this old argument again in the Anglican Communion? No wonder the churches are empty

1 year ago
Reply to  Stephen Owen

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of these clowns sitting in the upper chamber.

1 year ago

Does anybody still care what a few old parch’s and their dwindling geriatric co-delusionist flock think about the interpretation of ancient Jewish myths?

1 year ago
Reply to  Erisian

I don’t recognise the churches you describe. The church I belong to is a vibrant multicultural congregation where all are truly welcome. Thank God it’s part of the same church as Andrew Nunn and the Welsh Anglican Bishops. We don’t simply criticise and/or ignore those who have opposing views, but extend a welcome to them to enter a dialogue with us and maybe experience for themselves what it’s like to be part of a community that tries to be as welcoming to others as Jesus was.

One of the two witnesses
One of the two witnesses
1 year ago

Can I recommend a schism? It’s not like Christanity has not fragmented and re-fragmented many times before. What exists now is a series of splinters and I say this with no rancour (despite my choice of words). The Anglican church formed PURELY because the pope said Henry VIII couldn’t divorce his wife of the time. Surely this is more serious than that. Schism into 2 churches. A church which recognises the dignity of all people and equal rights for marriage between any pair of consenting adults of whatever gender or sexuality, for the folks who see their god as a… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by One of the two witnesses

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