Nation.Cymru Welsh politics and identity survey results

Pictures (top left to bottom right) by National Assembly (CC BY 2.0), Sarah Joy (CC BY-SA 2.0), Judy Davies (CC BY-ND 2.0), Jean Francois Fournier(CC BY 2.0)

Preserving the Welsh language is the most important way of ensuring that Welsh identity survives, according to Nation.Cymru readers.

Strengthening Wales’ civic institutions came a very close second in a survey conducted to find out more about our readers’ views on politics and identity.

In comparison, few thought that ensuring that the majority were born or grew up in Wales was of any importance.

Fewer still thought that supporting the Welsh football or rugby teams were important, while preserving religion such as Welsh Nonconformism or the Church in Wales came in last place.

Welsh literature and music came in the third and fourth place, followed by preserving Wales’ medieval and industrial heritage.

Quizzed on their constitutional preferences for Wales, independence was the preferred option, although more powers for the Welsh Assembly came a close second.

Independence outside the EU was the third favourite choice, with the status quo in fourth place. Fewer powers and abolishing the Assembly came in last.

Nation.Cymru’s users were also very keen to stay in the EU, with only 77% saying that they would choose to do so. Only 8% supported a ‘hard Brexit’ with no access to the single market.

The survey was filled in by 956 Nation.Cymru readers, and the full results can be seen below. Some labels have been shortened to make them legible:


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