Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price and partner expecting a daughter

06 Mar 2021 2 minutes Read
Adam Price. Picture by Plaid Cymru.

Adam Price has announced that he and his partner are expecting a daughter.

The Plaid Cymru leader made the announcement at his party’s string conference.

He said on Twitter: “Thrilled to be able to announce that my partner and I are expecting a new daughter and sister to our beautiful son. As yet unborn, she’s probably the youngest person ever to play a part in a ⁦‪@Plaid_Cymru⁩ conference! We can’t wait to welcome, love and share our lives with her”.

At the end of his speech he said: “To finish on a bit of personal good news,  I’d like to share with you I’m going to become a father again, in June, this time to a baby daughter.

“So whatever happens at the election, it’s going to be a good summer – though a busy one too.”


Asked about becoming a dad for the first time in 2018, he said: “It’s as amazing as everyone said it would be.

“It’s fantastics. Every morning, if I’ve had a rough time in the rough and tumble of politics I just look at his smiling face.

“He’s begun to say nana for bananas and a leaflet came through the door with my face on it. The best moment of this election was when he looked at the face and he said ‘Da-da’.

“One word that I’m keen that he doesn’t learn is Brexit”.

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