‘Prince of Wales Bridge’ signs cost over £200,000

Severn Bridge picture by diego_torres. Alun Cairns picture by Cabinet Office (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Giant new signs on the Second Severn Crossing renaming it the ‘Prince of Wales Bridge’ cost over £200,000, Highways England has revealed.

The total cost – £216,5113.39 – has been published by Wales Online, who put in a freedom of information request to the body tasked with looking after the bridge.

When asked about the cost Highways England said: “Working on behalf of [the Wales Office] Highways England was commissioned to manage the design, creation, installation and the associated traffic management at a total cost of £216,513.39.”

On top of this was the cost of changing the name, totalling £30,674.82, while a reception attended by Charles, Prince of Wales to mark the renaming cost £6,767.

A YouGov poll commissioned by Nation.Cymru in May of last year showed that only 17% of the people in Wales backed the name change.

The poll showed that only 7% ‘strongly supported’ the name change. A further 10% only ‘tended to support’ the change.

The Westminster Government’s Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns MP, said at the time that the “wider, silent majority is absolutely with us” on renaming the bridge, despite over 37,000 signing a petition calling on him to scrap the plans.

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