Senedd Member Neil Hamilton becomes UKIP leader

Neil Hamilton. Picture by Derek Bennett (CC BY 2.0).

UKIP’s last remaining member in the Welsh Parliament, Neil Hamilton, has become the party’s UK leader.

He became leader after Freddy Vachha, the former leader, was removed as UKIP leader under circumstances that remain unclear.

Freddy Vachha was elected leader of the UK Independence Party in June.

UKIP’s website now lists Neil Hamilton as Interim Party Leader, as well as leader, and spokesman, of UKIP Wales.



UKIP won 13% of the vote and elected seven members – including Neil Hamilton – at the 2016 Welsh Assembly election, a month before the Brexit referendum.

Since then members have left the Senedd, or now sit as independents or members of the Brexit Party. One MS, Gareth Bennett, represents the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party.

Neil Hamilton represents Mid and West Wales in the Welsh Parliament.

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