Thousands expected in Merthyr Tydfil for third Welsh independence march

Picture by Ifan Morgan Jones / Llinos Dafydd. (CC BY 2.0)

Thousands are expected in Merthyr Tydfil today for a third march for Welsh independence.

Marches in Cardiff and Caernarfon in May and July attracted 5,000 and 8,000 participants.

Speakers at today’s march, which will begin on Penderyn Square at 12pm, will include former international footballer Neville Southall, and sports commentator and former Wales rugby international Eddie Butler.

Other speakers and performers will include Kizzy ac Eädyth Crawford, Yasmin Begum, Iain Black, the Barry Horns, Catrin Dafydd, Rachel lee Stephens, Assembly Member Delyth Jewell, Patrick Jones and Mike Jenkins.

Merthyr raised Kizzy Crawford, who will be singing at the end of the march, said: “I’m taking part in the march because I’ve been disappointed with the racism, fascism, unfairness and chaos I’ve seen in politics in recent years. I think fighting for independence is a way to combat this chaos and make a difference.”

Former Wales rugby captain and commentator Eddie Butler added: “I’ve been waiting for this moment, this awakening, for a long time… I am fully on board and the Merthyr March has been indelibly inked in the diary for weeks.”

Scotland’s The National newspaper has produced a Welsh edition for the march, with 2,000 free copies of the bilingual edition to be distributed to those taking part.

The eight-page newspaper will feature news and sport, as well as an article by Adam Price, the leader of Plaid Cymru.

A number of fringe events will also be held including a gig, a comedy night and discussions about independence organised by other groups.

The events scheduled to take place in Merthyr Tydfil today include:

  • 10am – Towards a Wales Constitutional Convention. Castle Hotel, Merthyr
  • 12pm – AUOBCymru march beginning on Penderyn Square
  • 2-3pm – Undod radical independence event at Canolfan Theatr Soar
  • 2-4pm – Wales v Ireland at Canolfan Theatr Soar
  • 4-5pm – Dr John Ball discussing the economy and Dr Iain Black discussing the campaign in Scotland, at Canolfan Theatr Soar
  • 4-6pm – Labour4IndyWales event for Welsh Labour members. Drinks and then a panel discussion at 5pm. At The Red House.
  • 5-7pm – Stand Up for Wales comedy night with Steffan Alun, Eleri Morgan and Dan Thomas. £6. At Canolfan Theatr Soar
  • 7pm – Yes is More Gig, The Marcellas + More. £10. Canolfan Theatr Soar

AUOB Cymru spokesperson Llywelyn ap Gwilym said: “The marches in Cardiff and Caernarfon have been excellent. They’ve drawn in large numbers of people, have created a buzz on social media and on TV and in print, and have really helped further the cause of independence for our country.

“With the anti-democratic mess that is currently happening in Westminster, it is more important than ever for Wales to make its voice heard, and for the people of Wales to realise that there is a viable alternative: independence.”

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Joanne Davies
Joanne Davies

“With the anti-democratic mess that is currently happening in Westminster, it is more important than ever for Wales to make its voice heard, and for the people of Wales to realise that there is a viable alternative: independence.” Pardon? Isn’t it the nationalist Plaid Cymru who’s part of a ragbag coalition of idiots who are blocking democracy by refusing to have a general election? You honestly couldn’t make it up! Wales voted to LEAVE! Pics from the march in Merthyr look impressive, but can someone please explain to me how a few thousand socialists tramping around in lefty towns is… Read more »

John Renfrew
John Renfrew

Joanne Davies, independence for Wales is not a busted flush and that’s burying your head in the sand. I remember years ago in Scotland if you said that you supported Scottish independence people thought you were daft. The independence movement is like starting a snowball at the top of a large hill or mountain. The more these marches the bigger the snowball will get. Last but not least, regarding your comment about 25% of Wales being English. Scotland now has around half a million English and many, many of our English people support Scottish Independence and they have even started… Read more »

Joanne Davies
Joanne Davies

That would make Scotland about 10% English. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see an independent Wales and Scotland but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. In Scotland’s case, the 2014 referendum was sunk by English people and the ‘what aboot mah pension’ brigade. People think in terms of pensions and mortgages and putting food on the table, and generally don’t deal in big ideas like independence. You have the oil and gas – Westminster won’t allow another referendum. Even if they do, the dark state will be involved to ensure that the dirty tricks are deployed… Read more »

John Renfrew
John Renfrew

Joanne, when the independence run up started. Those for independence only sat at 23% and the week before the polls it showed at 52%. Then sudden we had the infamous VOW from the three English party leaders and this swung it back to staying with the union. Guess what, not a single promise from the VOW has been kept, so it’s going to be very difficult for Westminster parties to lie to Scotland the next time. Yes we have a very large percentage of English in our population and anyone from anywhere who supports independence is more than welcome. Regarding… Read more »

Joanne Davies
Joanne Davies

You’re not really addressing any of my points though!

People by and large prefer the status quo.

elfed starkey
elfed starkey

Anybody who thinks that Wales can survive as an independent country is deluded. A report from Cardiff university said that every person in Wales is subsidized by the rest of the UK to the tune of £4500 per year. The only way it would work would be to take a massive cut in living standards, and much poorer public services. Ford are already closing their Bridgend plant, Port Talbot is on the brink and is only surviving on hand outs Face Wales only future, if any, is as a low wage economy of find a massive undiscovered oil field somewhere… Read more »