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UKIP duo host notorious Holocaust denier

04 Apr 2024 5 minute read
Stan Robinson (left) and Dan Morgan (right). Image: Voice of Wales

Martin Shipton

Two far right podcasters – one of whom is a convicted fraudster while the other is UKIP’s general election candidate for Llanelli – have showcased a notorious Holocaust denier.

Dan Morgan, who received a suspended prison sentence for his role in a multi-million-pound insurance scam that saw people duped into paying up-front fees with the promise of refunds that never materialised, and Ukip’s Stan Robinson hosted Alistair McConnachie on their Voice of Wales channel.


Both Morgan and Robinson have been prominent far right activists in Wales for several years.

In 2021 YouTube removed two channels jointly run by him and fellow far-right activist Stan Robinson because of their racist content.

Welsh politicians and race equality groups condemned the Voice of Wales channel for airing interviews with The Proud Boys, an American far-right group that has been outlawed in Canada, and controversial figures such as former English Defence League leader “Tommy Robinson”, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

Ironically, Mr McConnachie was expelled by UKIP in 2001 for telling brazen lies about the Holocaust. He stated that he does not believe the Nazis killed any Jewish people in gas chambers and that eyewitness testimony to the contrary was “false”.

In July 2023 he led an anti-republican counter demonstration in Edinburgh in advance of a “mini coronation” for King Charles in the city’s St Giles Cathedral.

There were far more republican campaigners, including from the group Salvo, than those opposing them. The opposition camp led by Mr McConnachie waved signs that read “Charles King of Scots”.

Mr McConnachie shouted at the republicans, accusing them of having inappropriately come up from England to tell “the Scots what to think” about the monarchy.

“They don’t have a right to come up here from London,” he said.

Asked how his assertion that campaigners from south of the Border should not be in Edinburgh squared with his Unionist views, Mr McConnachie repeatedly mocked a reporter’s English accent.

“Ooooh noooo, I knoooow,” he whined in a faux imitation of an English voice, finishing when pushed: “I’m very happy for it [the UK] not to include you.”

Holocaust denial

Asked if he stood by his denial of the Holocaust, McConnachie presented what was seen as an incoherent position. He insisted that he was not a Holocaust denier, but stood by his assertion that “gas chambers [were not] used to execute Jews” – and that eyewitness accounts of it happening had been “revealed as false or exaggerated”.

After initially saying he had “never” denied the Holocaust, he subsequently admitted that quotes attributed to him in the Guardian in 2001, in which he denied the murder of Jews in gas chambers, still represented his position.

He said: “I’m not a Holocaust denier. That’s not Holocaust denial … that’s a different matter I think. I’ve been very clear on that. I’ve been very clear on my position on that.”

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition says that Holocaust denial encompasses “publicly denying or calling into doubt the use of principal mechanisms of destruction (such as gas chambers…)”.

Asked if both standing by his statements and claiming not to be denying the Holocaust was “incoherent”, Mr McConnachie said it was not.

Asked if he would like to explain his position on the Holocaust to the German TV cameras that he had been attempting to talk to, Mr McConnachie said: “No, I’m not here to tell anybody anything, I’m here to do this. And what you should do sir is maybe you should look into history and work things out for yourself instead of just promoting false news all the time. You should do that.

“I’m talking about history and I think you need to look at it, I think you need to look at a lot.”

Mr McConnachie then terminated the interview, saying: “You don’t deserve an answer but you’ve got an answer, just run along. I’m not answering any more of your questions … God Save the King, God Save the King!”

Hate Crime Act

The Scot is also known for founding A Force for Good, a pro-Union campaign group. He also set up a political party named Independent Green Voice that, while it failed to win any MSPs at the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections, was credited by some with robbing the Greens of extra seats due to its presentation on the ballot.

In his discussion with Morgan and Robinson, Mr McConnachie criticises Scotland’s Hate Crime Act, which came into force on April 1.

A Llanelli Labour source, who asked for anonymity because of their fear of reprisals, said: “By giving credibility to an unashamed Holocaust denier like McConnachie, Morgan and Robinson have sunk to a new low and exposed how far to the right UKIP has travelled.

“I have no doubt the people of Llanelli will reject their divisive politics when the general election comes.”

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6 days ago

What an absolute tool. The evidence for the holocaust is undeniable. The Germans left a lot of evidence behind and testified, they documented so much they were unable to destroy it all. After all they were going to win so no plan in place, the industrialised wholesale slaughter. They monetised the process, it was evil and vile and indiscriminate. Then you have lived testimonies, eye witness accounts from victims and jailers. The people that liberated the camps. To take that stance in the face of the evidence is particularly vile and disgusting if you continue and ignore the evidence. And… Read more »

5 days ago
Reply to  Jeff

Those who were around to experience the horrors of the second world war and the holocaust are sadly dying off. We live in an era where people believe whatever they want to believe – US school shootings were a hoax, Trump won in 2020, the Earth is flat, moon landing was faked etc etc. So I can imagine at some point people will start claiming “Oh the Nazis were not that bad, its all blown out of proportion” etc. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

6 days ago

It is great these “ boys “ are visable and open – in their “ activities ….

….a constant reminder for those who love freedom, equality, tolerance snd diversity to stay vigelant.

6 days ago

Why give these cockroaches the oxygen of publicity? They like UKIP are a pathetic irrelevance

Call Me Dick
Call Me Dick
5 days ago
Reply to  Marc

Yes, but it still begs for exposure with a police investigation into where the money donated to it or bequeathed to it goes and has gone.
Not where it should, apparently. — the Electoral Commission states it’s been years since UKIP declared any such receipts………………………………………………………..
Trouble coming for counsel and accountant?

Dai Ponty
Dai Ponty
6 days ago

My father as a soldier seen one of these camps and was bloody traumatised of what he saw

Johnny Gamble
Johnny Gamble
5 days ago

When a member of the Local Labour party wishes to remain anonymous on this issue it could be that the fallout from Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli still hasn’t gone away.

5 days ago

Does it not speak volumes about these spanners that people can only condemn them anonymously for fear of repercussions.
Hopefully the people of Llanelli will give UKIP and their fellow travellers the bum’s rush in the general election just as Wales did in the last Senedd elections.

Squire Tun-Toff
Squire Tun-Toff
5 days ago
Reply to  cablestreet

Shrieks volumes.
Car keyed, tank sugared, what comes through the letterbox?
Last month the good people of Glasgow gave the denier a bums rush, came 5th.

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