UKIP leader pulls out of conference in Wales after poor ticket sales

UKIP leader Richard Braine. Picture by Twitter

The leader of UKIP has pulled out of his own party’s conference, which is due to take place in Wales, after poor ticket sales.

Fewer than 450 tickets were sold for the conference at the International Convention Centre Wales, in Newport on 20 September.

The Guardian said that party leader Richard Braine had attempted to move the conference to an alternative venue in North England in an attempt to boost sales.

However, UKIP confirmed that the conference would go ahead without the party leader.

UKIP chair Kirstan Herriot wrote to party members to say that his decision was a “complete insult”.

It is also a particular affront to hard-working regional, county and branch officers who have worked hard in encouraging members to attend conference to hear Richard lay out his vision for the future of Ukip.

“It is, therefore, a particular shame that he has decided not to do this.”

UKIP won seven seats in the Welsh Assembly on 12.5% of the vote at the 2016 election but only Gareth Bennett and Neil Hamilton remain.

Four have joined the Brexit Party and one, Michelle Brown, sits as an independent.

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