Up to 15,000 people protest in support of Breton language in Brittany

29 May 2021 2 minutes Read
The protest in Gwengamp today. Pic: NHU

Up to 15,000 people have gathered in Gwengamp, Brittany in a language rights rally held at the same time as a language ‘race’.

The Rouedad Ar Brezhoneg language network and the Ti Ar Vro cultural centre have organised the event, and it was expected that up to 10,000 people would be there.

However, there are reports that the number could be much more and nearer 12-15,000.

It comes after the French Government refused to introduce legislation to ensure Breton be taught in French schools.


The legislation, proposed by Breton politician Paul Molac, would have placed a linguistic immersion system at the centre of the public education system.

However, the French Constitutional Council has ruled that the proposed scheme is “unconstitutional” – and that is because the language of the French republic is French.

Cultural associations and networks, unions and political parties have called for action to ensure that Breton will also be taught in schools.

Speakers at the rally included a number of pupils from French and Breton secondary schools and a representative of the Popular Education Association, but the organizers stressed that no politician would address the rally.

The Redadeg, or language race, begins at the end of the rally and a message will be transmitted along the town before being opened and read in public offering hope for the future of the language.


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17 days ago

Also another one in French Catalonia …

Eikthyrnir Odinson
Eikthyrnir Odinson
17 days ago

Ya, stourmomp evit hon yez, pouezus eo d’ober-se.
Me ne oan bet war manifestadeg-mañ. Met d’am soñj ne vin ket da votiñ me’gred. Echu eo evidon. Lennet am boa ar gazetenn, ha o selaou edon ouzh ar skinwell memestra. Me zo drist ha fachet ivez. Enepbonreizhel on, quoi? Gwir n’emon ket kontant sur eo met ne vin ket da votiñ dijal da c’hentañ war ar votadeg Bro c’hall hag an hini eget Rannvro.

17 days ago

It’s an absolute disgrace that successive French governments have broken EU law by refusing the Breton people this basic language right. Brittany is currently in the same position that defenders of the Welsh language were in decades ago. Personally, I’ll buy nothing French, nor grace them with my presence, until that changes. Breizh da viken!

17 days ago
Reply to  Wrexhamian

Absolutely Wrexhamian, neither will I visit Spain until Catalonia is free. If an Eastern Europe country behaved like this the hypocrites in London, Paris and Madrid would have the nerve to criticise.

Myrfyn Jones
Myrfyn Jones
16 days ago

Roedd y rali’n cofnodi diwedd nid dechrau y Redadeg.

13 days ago

The Breton language TV channel Brezhoweb has produced a video report translated into English if you want to know more!

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