USA Today contradicts itself on ‘Welsh is notoriously difficult’ claim

USA Today

One of the United States’ most popular news sites has claimed that the Welsh language is ‘notoriously difficult’ – while linking to a site that says the exact opposite.

Reporting on a visit by newly engaged Royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Cardiff Castle, the websites USA Today notes that they heard the Welsh language on their visit.

“During their tour, they heard performances from musicians and poets, met leading sports figures and saw how cultural groups are working to promote Welsh cultural identity, including its notoriously difficult language,” the article said.

But the website cites in defence of its claim an article on the website Why Welsh which, although titled ‘Is Welsh difficult to learn?’ actually responds in the negative.

“Welsh is as easy and as difficult to learn as any other language. And as with any other language, the best way to go about it is just to throw yourself in the deep end,” the article on Why Welsh says.

“Even if you can’t physically be amongst Welsh speakers, popular websites such as Say Something in Welsh allow you to talk to other learners and fluent speakers every day.”

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