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Vandalism of election board condemned as an ‘attack on democracy’

20 Jun 2024 3 minute read
The election sign vandalised near Beaumaris (Image Dale Spridgeon)

Dale Spridgeon Local Democracy Reporter

Politicians from opposite sides have condemned the vandalism of a board promoting a Welsh Conservative election candidate on Ynys Môn.

The destruction of the sign, daubed with red paint, has been branded an “attack on democracy” and “wholly wrong”.

The large board placed on a tree near Beaumaris was in support of Welsh Conservative candidate Virginia Crosbie, the island’s former MP.

She is one of the candidates standing for the Ynys Môn seat in the General Election on Thursday, July 4.

The board is beside a lay-by on the Garth Bends, along the A545, which runs between Menai Bridge and Beaumaris.

“An attack”

Ms Crosbie said: “This sort of activity is really an attack on our democracy.

“It is very sad but a sign of our times unfortunately.

“I deplore any vandalism of political signs, whatever the party.

“Everyone should be free to express support for any candidate.”

Ieuan Môn Williams, Welsh Labour’s parliamentary candidate said: “Everyone should be free to support whichever candidate they choose, and vandalising or destroying supportive materials just because you don’t agree with the candidate is wholly wrong.

“Virginia Crosbie is putting forward her case to the people of Ynys Môn, just as I am.

“Residents will decide for themselves on July 4 who they will trust with their vote.

Môn i Mynwy

Nation.Cymru also shared this week that dozens of Conservative election placards have been ripped down and defaced across parts of Monmouthshire.

Placards encouraging voters to vote Tory in the General Election

The posters to promote Tory candidate David TC Davies have been removed from private properties and land owned by local farmers in Usk, Trellech and Mitchell Troy.

A source close Mr Davies told Nation.Cymru dozens of the trademark blue placards were going missing “every day”.

In some instances, the signs – mounted on wooden sticks and fixed to fences – have been found completely vandalised.

It is not known who is targeting the Tory support placards.

Mr Davies has served as Member of Parliament for Monmouth since 2005 and served as the Secretary of State for Wales from 2022..


He branded the removal of the signs “an illicit offence” and “unacceptable in a democratic society”.

In a statement Mr Davies said: “A number of plaster sites placed within private properties across Monmouthshire have been torn down and stolen. This is an illicit offence.

“This is completely unacceptable behaviour and cannot be tolerated in a democratic society. My principles and values are shared by thousands of people across the whole of Monmouthshire.

“The opposition parties won’t want to hear it, but I will continue to stand up to the Welsh Labour Government.

“Whether on their blanket 20MPH speed limit of their slashing NHS budgets to fund the creation of more politicians. Also, not forgetting their assault on Monmouthshire farmers in trying to force them to give up land for tree planting.

“I will not be silenced – and will continue to stand up for Monmouthshire.”

Welsh Conservative Senedd Member, Peter Fox has been working to replace the the signs.

He said: “Totally appalling that political activists have torn Conservative posters down on this stretch near Trellech, and similar in Usk.

“DavidTCDavies has been an outstanding MP and has a right to campaign as we always do.  This pathetic vandalism is an affront to democracy.”

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29 days ago

Vandalism takes many forms Tories, does it not?

29 days ago

An attack on democracy , is what you would call what the Torys did introducing voter Id, and claiming it was to prevent voter fraud. More Tory MP’s have faced the police, than people caught committing voter fraud, and when a sitting Tory MP, J Rees- Mogg called it gerrymandering by his own party, that says it all. After 14 years of corruption, cronyism, and abject failure, most populations would have been on the streets long ago. Some paint on a bit of cardboard, is nothing compared to what has been done the the economy, health, and welfare of the… Read more »

Last edited 29 days ago by Gareth
Lolly Mountjoy
Lolly Mountjoy
29 days ago

Is this only happening to Tory signs

29 days ago

This has been raised before, but worth repeating, where was the Tory condemnation when it came to the defacement and destruction of speed limit signage?

Last edited 29 days ago by Marc
Fi yn unig
Fi yn unig
29 days ago
Reply to  Marc

Exactly. Lawless hypocrites.

Fi yn unig
Fi yn unig
29 days ago

I won’t defend the vandalism of the signs but I will call into question Ms Crosbies’ comment that it is an ‘attack on our democracy’. Whose democracy? She belongs to a party which undermines our nations’ democracy at every turn. Just by Tories being in power in Westminster, our democracy is subverted as our country NEVER majority votes Tory. They impose themselves on us. We do not want them. Ynys Mon (Mam Cymru) being blue for four and a half years has been an affront to our country and all because of the ‘Get Break-it done’ lie. I wish Ms… Read more »

Steve Woods
Steve Woods
29 days ago

Democracy with FPTP?

That’s stretching the definition a bit.

Steve A Duggan
Steve A Duggan
29 days ago

I don’t know if placard destroying was common in past elections or a recent event due to the Tories being so detested. There is no doubt though, the present government is one of the most disliked in modern times, so there’s no suprise. If I were the Tories I wouldn’t bother replacing them – they are going to lose the seats anyway.

Welsh Patriot
Welsh Patriot
29 days ago

Very sad, whom eve signs are defaced its an attack on everyone’s democracy!
Even, minority Plaid, led bu Ron Jones, from the Rhonda.

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