BBC Editor fires back after Welsh language criticism

Pen ar y Bloc, Vaughan Roderick


BBC Wales has done more for the Welsh language than any other institution in the country, according to its Welsh Affairs Editor.

Speaking to Golwg magazine, Vaughan Roderick said that he bristled when he saw criticism of the BBC’s treatment of the Welsh language.

“What I don’t understand is that you see these people sometimes on social media who think there’s some massive, malevolent plot against Wales and the Welsh language in the BBC,” he said.

“The truth is that the BBC has done more for the Welsh language than any other institution in Wales.

“I just don’t understand this attitude. And what they do by attacking the BBC, rather than supporting those within the BBC who fight for things like Radio Cymru 2 and so on, is to make it harder for us because it appears as if they’re against it.”

Vaughan Roderick was discussing his new book, Pen ar y Bloc, which is published by Y Lolfa.

He did regret the way the Welsh language was discussed by Newsnight during the National Eisteddfod, but said that the problem was one of ignorance rather than malice.

“All I would say is that there is an ignorance of Wales in England that goes back over a thousand years,” he said.

“And the [item on Newsnight] was an example of that ignorance.

“But when you have people, after Newsnight, saying that they should refuse to appear on Radio Cymru to protest against Newsnight, they’re not hurting Newsnight.

“They’re hurting the most important broadcasting medium for the Welsh language that there is. Where is their common sense?”

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