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Watch: Welsh construction worker calls out Daily Mail over ‘woke’ jibe

22 Jun 2022 4 minute read
Jamie send a message to the Daily Mail (Credit: GMB)

When Welshman Jamie Busby saw a Daily Mail report calling builders ‘woke’ for discussing feelings with their colleagues, it prompted him to record an impassioned message calling out the newspaper.

The paper had carried a story which was headlined: UK builders go WOKE: Study finds three quarters of tradesmen discuss their feelings with colleagues while two thirds shun the fried breakfasts and nearly half say they are history buffs.

The 29-year-old from Pembroke Dock, who works in construction at Hinkley Point C, said he was so ‘saddened and disheartened’ at what he had read, he quickly penned a response and got a workmate to video him calling out the Daily Mail on camera.

Jamie, a GMB union rep at HPC, which is the largest construction site in Europe, pointed out they have highest suicide rate among male occupations and how mental health is massive in his workplace.

He added how difficult it was being away from home from family and friends for long stretches at a time and how talking saves lives.

He also told the newspaper to forget its ‘woke narratives’ and ‘culture wars’ and he and his workmates would continue to look after each other.

The reaction to the video, which was posted on the GMB Union Twitter account has been huge with thousands of users sharing the video and applauding Jamie for speaking out about mental health.

The father of three from Pembroke Dock told Nation Cymru how he came to record the video.

“The GMB regional officer Matt Roberts mentioned to me about the article,” he said. “I had a read of it myself and I was saddened and disheartened by the content.

“I was in the union office with a friend of mine, Jamie Skudder, and we made the decision to make a video to send to Matt calling out the Daily Mail.”

It appears it wasn’t the easiest of tasks.

“To make sure my head was the right height Jamie was balancing on a computer chair while holding a laptop I’m still quite surprised we pulled it off,” said Jamie.

“I then sent the video to the trade union and they posted it on Twitter and since then it’s gone absolutely viral.”

Jamie says that discussing mental health in his industry is a massive thing, pointing out the pressures of bringing up a young family, while being away from home.

“I’m a father to three children, my youngest girl is only six months old,” he said. “My wife is a strong woman but sometimes it’s a struggle for us. We dig in and get on with it.

“Mental health on the HPC is massive,” he added. “The site is very well equipped with over 300 mental health first leaders and mental health rooms are accessible 24-7. We also have a Chaplin and prayer rooms.”


Jamie says that being in the union is like and extended family, where they all keep an eye on each other.

“Being part of the GMB, it’s like being part of an extra family,” he said. “We will look out for each other. There is nothing more important than standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with each other.”

As for the huge reaction to the video, the Welshman says he has been blown away.

“The feedback has been amazing. I am overwhelmed and overjoyed. Even if that video helps one person, then that’s mission accomplished in my eyes.

“It’s all about the bigger picture, looking after each other. If we all come together no one can stop us.”

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3 months ago

Well done for calling them out. It would seem most of the UK press are so far up Boris, that they feel they are able to attack any and all of society that do not follow their ideals. Why people in Cymru sponsor this, by purchasing such gutter press, is beyond me.

Cathy Jones
Cathy Jones
3 months ago

Just when I think I can’t love the people of Cymru any more than I already do, when I think I cannot carry around any more pride for the varied peoples of this beautiful country I am so fortunate to be part of, out pops a builder to put those scumbags at the D[REDACTED FOR REASONS OF HUMAN DECENCY]l in their place with an honest, straight down the line message of solidarity. The vile newspaper that made such a disgusting attack on the working class is stuck in an imagined version of the past, one of good English values, but… Read more »

3 months ago

Have the Daily Heil responded yet?

3 months ago

I would not even use the Daily Maul as loo paper.
I have far more respect for my backside that that.
It is a deplorable rag for deplorable people full of sneering hatred of everyone who isn’t just like them in every pathetic, ignorant, outmoded way.

Soon, they will achieve the stability they strive for.
In the only way it is granted.
A place among the the fosils of their kind.

3 months ago
Reply to  Erisian

If you were ever taken short the D.M is handy as you can spread it out, dump on it, roll it up tidy and bin it. Always use someone else’s D.M, never waste your own money on it.

3 months ago

Well said. Construction workers have disproportionately affected mental health and suicide numbers for years, possibly because of the macho culture that has pervaded it. How dare the Dail Fail deride REAL workers for looking after their mental and physical health? All the fail does is invent things to hate and type them into computers. They are toxic (not toxic masculinity, just toxic). It seems like hating foreigners, LGBT+ and women wasn’t enough for the Fail. They are now hating hardworking strong (still mostly) male construction workers too. So that’s the whole of humanity they hate. There is room for everyone… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Glyph
Barry Pandy
Barry Pandy
3 months ago

The so-called ‘problem’ with construction workers being ‘woke’ (althouh I don’t see it as a problem) is two fold:

1). Society is moving on but the Daily Mail is still stuck in a 1930s fascist dystopia.


2). The Daily Mail.

Crwtyn Cemais
Crwtyn Cemais
3 months ago

Da iawn, Jamie Busby! ~ Well done, Jamie Busby!

Nobby Tart
Nobby Tart
3 months ago

I assume the DM would prefer it if builders were wolf whistling at females and sitting around drinking tea?

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