Welsh Government compared to Trump after ‘violence on any side’ response to Catalonia crackdown

The Welsh Government have been criticised after a spokesperson told a BBC reporter that they were sad to see “violence on any side” in Catalonia.

Elliw Gwawr said that she had asked the Welsh Government whether they would be willing to condemn the violence against voters, but they would not.

They later contacted her to say that the original comments did not reflect the government’s view.

Many on social media compared the comments to Trump’s claims that the Charlottesville attacks by white supremacists on protestors had involved “violence on many sides”.

Richard Wyn Jones, a Professor of Welsh Politics at Cadiff University, suggested the Welsh Government’s comments were “Trump and Charlottesville redux”.

Ed Gareth Poole, a Lecturer in Political Science at the Wales Governance Centre, said that it was “a disgraceful statement”.

Assembly Member Simon Thomas said the response was “pathetic. Remember this the next time Labour cherish the spirit of the international brigades”.

Today’s Catalan referendum on independence has seen police smashing their way into polling stations and firing rubber bullets at voters

The Catalan Government said that 465 people had been hurt due to the violence.

The vote was held in defiance of the Spanish Government who have said that the referendum is illegal and have ordered the police to stop it.

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