Wood praised for debate performance

Leanne Wood at last night’s Westminster Election debate.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood was widely praised for her performance in Wednesday night’s BBC Westminster Election leadership debate.

Business Insider’s political editor, Adam Bienkov, declared that Wood was the “star of the show”.

“If there is one big winner tonight it was Plaid Cymru’s leader Leanne Wood,” he said.

“She was sharp, likeable and had some of the best lines of the night.

“Her attack on UKIP’s Paul Nuttall for his refusal to pay any Brexit bill drew particular admiration, even from her rivals.

“Her performance tonight should boost Plaid’s hopes in this election.”

Total Politics also said that Leanne Wood, alongside Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, had the “best lines” on the night.

“For many viewers, the best line of the night came from Wood,” they said. “Criticising the Ukip’s approach to Brexit negotiations, the Plaid Cymru leader launched a stinging personal attack on Paul Nuttall.”

The New Statesman declared that Leanne Wood had “sound divorce advice”.

“The lilting-accented Plaid Cymru leader was back by popular demand, and while she did her bit for Wales, her star turn was a takedown of Ukip’s Paul Nuttall,” they said.

“Fun Leanne Wood fact: she used to be a probation officer.”

The Metro was less impressed with the line, pointing to some accounts on twitter who argued that the line was sexist.

Leanne Wood had asked the UKIP leader: “Would you refuse to pay your dues if you were going through a real divorce? We all know about blokes like you.”

‘No guts’

Theresa May was seen to have had a difficult night, with opposition leaders lining up to criticise her for her absence.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said that “the Prime Minister didn’t have the guts to come along”.

Green party co-leader Caroline Lucas said that “the first rule of leadership is to show up”.

“You don’t call a general election and say it is the most important election in your lifetime, and then not even be bothered to come and debate the issues at stake,” she said.

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