YesCymru movement ‘growing faster than expected’

Iestyn ap Rhobert

A movement founded to campaign for independence has grown faster than expected, according to its chairman.

YesCymru will hold its annual general meeting in Aberystwyth on Saturday.

Chairman Iestyn ap Rhobert said that they have close to 400 members, and 13 local groups around Wales.

“We’ve grown and grown over the last few months, and the number of local groups have multiplied,” he said.

“The challenge now is to cultivate that enthusiasm. With all the activity and energy, I’m sure Wales will be independent much sooner than anticipated.

“Our goal is clear. To improve the way Wales is governed by securing independence.”

The movement was founded in 2014 after the independence referendum in Scotland.

A recent opinion poll by YouGov suggested that a quarter of the population supported independence.

Iestyn ap Rhobert said that their movement welcomed anyone who wanted to be a citizen of Wales.

“This inclusive message is important for all our members, and is a statement of the kind of independent country we’d like to be,” he said.

The Yes Cymru Annual General Meeting will be held at the Old College, Aberystwyth at 11am on Saturday, June 17.

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