Bringing the first Cardiff International Film Festival to life

Picture by MuffInn (CC BY 2.0)

Rahil Abbas

Wales was and is a land of mystery, magic and music.  Now a 21st century country renowned for a commitment to technology, training and its people.  A country of ever-increasing originality, opportunity and welcome.

It is no throwaway comment that “there is a welcome in the Valleys” but an actual statement of intent by the Welsh people, who, as a whole, welcome peoples to their country, from around the world, to share their good fortune.

With the ongoing development of Wales, more and more people throughout the world are becoming aware of Wales and its potential.

Striving to become a world leader in innovation, continued effort in developing a modern technological based economy remains at the forefront of the Welsh Government’s ongoing economic planning.

The outstanding natural beauty of Wales and the technical experience of its workforce is shown in the ongoing development of the film and TV industry in Wales.

With new film studios having arrived and continuing to be developed, Wales is rapidly becoming a world leader in film and TV production, merely one strand of the continued Welsh economic development.

From this welcome from the Welsh people and an abiding interest and love of the film industry, my dream of bringing an international film festival to his adoptive country has led to the inaugural Cardiff International Film Festival being brought to Cardiff.

Centred at the historic Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay – along with screenings at the Odeon and Vue cinemas – the event takes place this weekend, culminating in a glittering awards ceremony at Wales Millennium Centre.

More details about the festival can be found here.


The aim of Cardiff International Film Festival is to allow a wider audience to become part of the Welsh dream.

By bringing together film-makers from around the world, the festival aims to encourage them to use the platform to showcase their dreams.

Through the medium of film, people across the globe can experience different and diverse cultures and what better setting than the historic dockside at Cardiff Bay with its thriving social and commercial vibe, all whilst being within easy walking distance of Central Cardiff and all its amenities.

The film festival will bring the rich world of film together with the exciting, historical culture of Wales, as well as building on Cardiff’s more recent forays into world sport.

Already known to world sports fans through its association with golf, football and of course, rugby, the Festival adds a further string to the Welsh bow.

Bringing even more renown to Wales, it is fully intended for the festival to become an annual event and an important date within the worldwide filming community’s diary.

The resulting increase in footfall to the Welsh economy will be a benefit to all.

Through further introducing Wales to the world, it is anticipated that the ongoing interest in the country will lead it to become a ‘must visit’ on any world traveller’s itinerary with the ongoing benefit to Welsh tourism.

By elevating Wales in the mindset of film-makers, the ongoing opportunity for the Welsh film industry is enhanced in bringing even more film production to Wales, an opportunity that the industry will no doubt readily seize with both hands.

A very warm and generous Celtic welcome is extended to all attendees and participants of Cardiff International Film Festival, alike, in this, its inaugural year.

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