Wales faces a choice between Devolution In Name Only and independence

13 Sep 2021 5 minutes Read
The Senedd left and Westminster right. Picture by on the left by the Senedd (CC BY 2.0).

Gareth Ceidiog Hughes

Devolution is dying.

But Welsh democracy is not dying of natural causes. It is being killed off by Boris Johnson’s Tory government in Westminster.

It means that it is becoming ever clearer that Wales faces a choice between Devolution In Name Only (DINO) and independence

The power that the people of Wales have painstakingly accumulated over the last 20 years is being sliced away piece by piece. It is death to Welsh democracy by a thousand cuts.

These are powers that have been endorsed by the Welsh people in several elections and two referendums, but Boris Johnson’s Tories don’t have any respect for that. They don’t have any respect for that because they don’t have any respect for us. They don’t have any respect for Wales.

They are irked by the fact that we in Wales are able to make some of our own decisions and pass our own laws. It is an inconvenience to them. They believe that we should know our place. They believe we should shut up and do as we’re told by our betters. Their sense of incredulity when we do not is palpable.

Boris Johnson hates the fact that Wales took a more cautious approach to the Covid-19 pandemic. His government was embarrassed by the fact that support for independence shot up during this period.

This increase in support for Welsh self-government was a reaction to Westminster’s incompetence and its callous disregard.

We noticed when they refused to extend the furlough scheme when Wales had to go into a firebreak lockdown – only to do so once England needed one too. It did not escape our attention when Wales was gazumped as it tried to acquire live-saving PPE.

During this period Wales acquired a new-found confidence in its ability to run its own affairs. Our vaccine rollout was world-leading.

The Welsh Government’s handling of the crisis has certainly not been without error. However, it does compare well with that of its next-door neighbour.

For this affront, Wales must be punished.

New version of devolution

We are being subjected to a new version of devolution. In this new version, the people of Wales will be permitted to make their own laws in increasingly limited areas with one rather important caveat. If Tory MPs in Westminster disagree with them, the Senedd will simply be overruled. The mandate given to the Welsh Government by the people of Wales will just be ignored.

Devolution will be effectively meaningless. It will be Devolution In Name Only or DINO.

The UK Government has already passed the Internal Market Act, which steals Welsh powers over funding infrastructure projects. The Act also undermined the Senedd powers by forcing Wales to accept whatever new standards on food, environment and animal welfare that are agreed by the UK Government in post-Brexit trade deals.

But if you thought the assault on Welsh democracy was going to end there then you were under somewhat of a misapprehension.

Welsh Secretary Simon Hart has threatened to overrule the Welsh Government by building the M4 relief road. The UK Government’s Department for Transport has also pointedly refused to rule out overruling the Welsh Government on this issue.

This comes amid the rather suspicious £7m move to rebrand Highways England as National Highways.

Boris Johnson has also said he’s putting constraints on how money raised from the increase in National Insurance can be spent by the Welsh Government.

Meanwhile, UK Government’s housing and communities secretary, Robert Jenrick, has hinted that Westminster plans to interfere in another devolved area.

He said that the housing department had “historically seen itself” as focused on England but “we now very much see ourselves as UK-wide.”

The Sewel convention that Westminster does not pass laws in devolved areas has effectively been scrapped.


The foundation on which devolution was built was always a flimsy one. The house we built is showing signs of subsidence and could well collapse.

This reality essentially means it doesn’t matter who the people of Wales vote for in devolved elections.

In this context, the Welsh Government’s plan for further devolution and a federal UK looks rather optimistic. At worst it looks hopelessly naïve. It smacks of fantasy politics.

Boris Johnson’s government is dumping sewage in the “clear red water” that Welsh Labour has attempted to put between Wales and Westminster. The river from which we are expected to drink is being polluted, and under the Westminster system there isn’t all that much Mark Drakeford can do about it.

Welsh Labour’s success at the Senedd election was due in no small part to the fact that it is seen by much of the electorate as the party that stands up for Wales.

But what happens when its limited powers to do so are taken away? Is it so emotionally invested in the union that it is prepared to accept the humiliation of Devolution in Name Only?

Each assault by the Westminster establishment on Wales’ powers makes the reality clearer.

Wales faces a choice between Devolution In Name Only and independence.

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Gareth W
Gareth W
4 months ago

Time for Mark Dripford to stand up for Cymru instead of making increasingly pathetic attemps to persuade us that we will all be better off by remaining part of the UK

Philip Jones
Philip Jones
4 months ago

The Nazi’s occupation of various countries in Europe let to them having devolved governments for a while. Then Berlin took over. Johnson is a student of history.

Cai Wogan Jones
Cai Wogan Jones
4 months ago

Surely all rational and sincere people must have reached this same conclusion. Welsh Labour: are you going to preside over the extinction of devolution, or press for the only reliable form of self-government. Independence ???

Last edited 4 months ago by Cai Wogan Jones
Barry Pandy
Barry Pandy
4 months ago

I think the reality is that English Labour don’t want devolution either. That’s why the control freak Tony Bliar gave the Welsh Assembly so little in the first place.

Grayham Jones
4 months ago

It’s time for welsh people to kick all English party’s out of wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 and stop being little Englanders and be proud to be welsh it’s time for a new wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 A Free Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 for the future of the young people of wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Y Cymro
Y Cymro
4 months ago

If Wales were an independent nation would not have to put up with the Conservatives continually threatening us with imposition, demotion and their final solution, the removal of our Senedd Cymru , annexation leading to our assimilation. No native people should put up with a bunch of Whitehall fascists. And ever since the devolution vote in 1997 when New Labour designed our Senedd to fail, the Tories tried their utmost to annex Wales again. And in their sordid history in power have never had legitimacy to rule Wales other than using the English block vote to interfere by ruling via… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Y Cymro
4 months ago
Reply to  Y Cymro

Hi. Please could the OP (or anyone else) provide a definition of a Welsh ‘native’. This is a sincere question. Thanks.

4 months ago

I believe that independence is the correct path to take.

Barry Pandy
Barry Pandy
4 months ago

Part of the problem is the doggy loyalty of Labour voters. Some of them like to pretend that they support independence but express this so-called support by voting for a unionist party that has no chance of ever getting back into power in Westminster ( I suspect they don’t really support it at all, it’s just one of their latest lefty fads). Until these good little doggies recognise this fact then they may as well vote Tory, the overall result is the same: the end of devolution, zero chance of independence and Tory policies being imposed on us. Unless these Labour… Read more »

Pete Cuthbert
Pete Cuthbert
3 months ago
Reply to  Barry Pandy

Whilst wholeheartedly agreeing that the DePiffle Regime have no interest in Democracy, especially in Wales, I think we should not be too rude about other Welsh Voters. Surely what is clearly needed is to get rid of the Tory Government, and First Past the Post voting systems so that we have a democracy in which we have representatives in Government who can represent our views. The Tories, of course do not believe in that, which is why they support FPTP and rule my the minority ‘winners’ who ignore other’s views. The only way we are going do get that is… Read more »

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