Wales is trapped in a war between two factions that don’t care about our nation

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Benjiman L. Angwin

We in Wales need to remove ourselves from the fight between Labour and the Conservatives that is ongoing in England.

This archaic, 20th century Left/Right war has been going on for over a century and is utterly without merit for us. Wales taking a side in this battle is like Norway taking sides during the Wars of the Roses.

The Celtic periphery are just props in this war to be used or discarded as needed. May has ignored Scotland’s Remain vote but had to bend over backward to the DUP to maintain power in England.

Neither side cares about what is best for us. And in recent years both have gone to further and further extremes, both of which are hugely damaging to Wales.

One the one hand we have the Conservative Unionism of May, who has rejected what little tolerant moderation was in the Liberal-Conservative coalition that proceeded her.

Her civil liberties record shows she is not fit to be Prime Minister. Echoing Franco’s Spain, May has used ‘extremist’ and ‘separatist’ together in relation to the SNP and Plaid.

On the other, we have the authoritarian socialist conformity of Corbyn who seeks to take us back to the 1970s.

Continuing to enlist ourselves in this ideological war between Labour and the Tories is théâtre de l’absurde. It’s just silly.

Neither side have any interest in Wales or the policies that will help us grow as a nation.


Liberalism, and its emphasis upon non-conformity and civil liberties, is more Welsh than the more recent construct of socialism.

And Wales has always done best for itself as a nation when we have followed this centrist, liberal tradition.

This is the tradition that gave us the laws of Hywel Dda and our greatest period of growth as a nation in the 19th century.

Liberalism is the belief that the right to be free from conformity, whether imposed by the state (socialism) or by powerful individuals (conservatism), is a human right.

Most famously, the Liberal MP Clarence Willcock, used this to justify civil disobedience against ID Cards following World War II, leading to their abolishment.

Unknown to many, the threat of ID Cards being introduced by an increasingly authoritarian Labour under Gordon Brown, was among the chief reasons why the Liberal Democrats went into coalition with the Conservatives.

I deeply respect Nick Clegg for almost single-handedly preventing the imposition of ID Cards through Liberal compromise.

Fusing liberalism with Welsh Nationalism would give Wales something radically different to the statist Labour party that is now running Wales into the ground.

One need merely look at Mácron’s new French revolution to see what is possible through Centrist Liberalism.

The Left and Right have been bickering for a century like children over who gets what toys in what order.

The 20th century is over. Let’s take control of our own destiny, forge our own political direction and put the good of our own nation first.

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