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Weaponising immigration: Why our nation needs to control its own immigration policy

24 Mar 2024 4 minute read
Small boats and outboard motors thought to be used by migrants crossing the English Channel. Photo Gareth Fuller. PA Images

Simon Hobson

In the undemocratic adversarial first-past-the-post electoral system of Westminster politics, immigration policy has always been a battleground.

It was the weaponising of immigration which brought about the self-inflicted wound of Brexit on Cymru.

Through weak leadership in the UK governing party, these same sentiments have been allowed to continue to smoulder in the mouths of the would-be demagogues, now threatening to set our land on fire with division and hate speech. 

The fact is, few in Cymru care for this form of blaming ‘the other’ politics. The majority of people are concerned with the cost-of-living crisis, the shortage of decent housing, crumbling education, a collapsing health service and bankrupt councils unable to deliver adult care services, amongst other things.

“Rational politics”

Regardless, England’s immigration policy, and the disgusting characters it vomits into the UK media, invades our politics. If we are to bring rational politics back to the subject of immigration, this power must be controlled by our Senedd.

Through formulating our own immigration policy, Cymru can inject pace and further the entrepreneurial spirit of a growing economy.

This is a requisite for any aspiring sovereign nation.

Our representatives in Cardiff Bay must have the means to shape policy to suit the economic targets of our nation.

Defining and delivering on ambitious fiscal objectives are one of many benefits to small and agile nations.

The specific mechanism through which Cymru can gain control over its immigration policy will be through the assertion of elected members of the Senedd.

It will be beholden on them to press for their rights to represent the people of our nation over a Westminster government focused exclusively on maintaining the status quo. A situation which continues to place no regard for the welfare of the people of Cymru.

Gaining these rights of control over immigration will be part of a process Cymru must undertake in its journey towards sovereignty.

This is but one of the stages which depicts a coherent Senedd government’s strategy towards independence.


This author has already written on the need to establish a legal recognition of Cymru as a nation. Both this and immigration authority must be laid down in a written constitution for Cymru. 

Autonomy over immigration is to be rooted in the Cymru Constitution.

Under the terms of the constitution, Cymru will achieve authority from Westminster to select immigrants who wish to settle in our country and who meet a long-term skills objective set by a government body external to interference by political parties.

This arrangement will allow Cymru to tailor its immigration policies to better suit its demographic, economic, and cultural needs.


It would also reflect the recognition of Cymru’s distinct linguistic and cultural identity within (for the time being) the United Kingdom. Through its control over immigration, Cymru can attract individuals who will contribute to its society and economy while preserving its unique identity and values.

While Westminster plays dice with the lives of those seeking asylum in the United Kingdom, Cymru could use its new powers in immigration policy to send a message, one which identifies our nation as an ethical and caring society, accepting of its global responsibilities.

The UK government may have forgotten the strength and influence which come through ‘soft-power’ but Cymru doesn’t have too.

As a nation on the way up, Cymru can use its immigration policy to innovate and adapt to changing demographics, economic needs, and societal challenges.

The process of Cymru obtaining control over its immigration policy will be as a result of political negotiations and agreements within the framework of a maturing set of devolved governments – temporarily encased in the crumbling cage of the union.

It is through the assertion of our natural rights to shape the nation we love that Cymru will free itself from this unequal union.

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Fi yn unig
Fi yn unig
3 months ago

On a day when we heard yet more hate filled tripe from the Torygraph and an immeasurable insult from a Chancellor who just delivered a nothing budget about £100k a year being impossible to live on, this article was just the shot in the arm I needed. No messing except to extend the immigration content here to absolutely everything. Da iawn Simon a diolch yn fawr I chi.

Rhufawn Jones
Rhufawn Jones
3 months ago

Erthygl wych iawn. Cytuno gant y cant.

Arthur Owen
Arthur Owen
3 months ago

If this author believes that a written constitution for Wales is going to have any effect on Englisn migration into Wales good luck to him,he is going to need it.

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