What is to be done? A Labour Perspective on the Question of Wales

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Dafydd ap Gwilym

I don’t think anyone could disagree with what Dr Huw Williams quite eloquently says in his opening pitch. Although, it is basically a repeat rhetoric with some long English words that we have heard before and proof that a Labour ‘perspective’ is not only outdated, but has no place in our country anymore. As someone who studies prehistory/history, I know we cannot change the past and we must not dwell there however, we can certainly change the present to create a better future. The change he mentions can only come through Independence nothing more and nothing less. Regarding the paint… Read more »


The contrast between “polity” and “public sphere” is a worthwhile one I think. Too large a proportion of the country never got their heads around the devolution that we DO have – there’s uncertainty about what’s devolved and what’s not. There’s uncontested Country Councils up and down the country, and many people cannot name their local representative – this is not unique to Wales of course but it could be different. The fact that a Tory majority would boost support for independence shouldn’t surprise anyone – it’s a natural side effect of the fact that Wales consistently votes more to… Read more »