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In the late 19th century quarrymen in the north of Wales surviving on meagre wages put their savings together and raised over £1,200 – as much as £150,237 in today’s money.

Their goal? To set up a university in the area. In 1884 they achieved that aim and Bangor University is still going today and brings in tens of thousands of students and millions of pounds each year, as well as making a priceless contribution to teaching and knowledge in Wales.

The lesson? That if enough individuals come together with a single goal, even if they are individually poor and can give very little, collectively they can achieve great things.

A national daily English language news service for Wales is one such ‘great thing’ which remains unfulfilled. First discussed all the way back in the 1830s, it failed because of Wales’ challenging terrain and a lack of transport network.

This means that despite having its own national government, parliament, museums, libraries, and all the other institutions a nation should have, Wales still lacks a truly national news service.

In the digital age, however, there’s no longer any excuse.

We can change this now, together – we can grow a new kind of Welsh media, by the people of Wales and for the people of Wales.

Nation.Cymru launched in 2017 from nothing and we have already published over 5,000 articles and regularly reaches an audience of over 700,000 users a month.

Our readers’ donations have already had a huge positive influence on Welsh politics, driving public engagement and ensuring that politicians and journalist hear what the people of Wales have to say.

We are now close to realise our dream of creating a lasting Welsh national media worthy of the name.

But it all depends on you, our readers, and your support – especially if you can contribute funds towards our efforts to expand our service yet further.

To be part of this project and make a contribution to support the work of Nation.Cymru, please select one of the options below. You can donate via PayPal or your credit or debit card.

Monthly, rolling contributions are particularly useful to us as they will give us the financial security, in the long run, to employ journalists to work full-time on the site.

£3 a month isn’t much for most people, but if 1000 people gave £3 a month that is £36,000 – almost enough to employ two full-time journalists.

If 20,000 people gave £3 a month that’s three-quarters of a million pounds a year and Wales would have a national news service worthy of the name.

We are not for profit and an independent media company owned entirely within Wales. This means that not a penny will go to shareholders as with many other media companies – it will all stay in Wales and be invested back into making it the best news service it can possibly be.

There’s nothing stopping us from achieving this apart from ourselves. The power is in our collective hands.

For the price of a cup of coffee a month you too can help us create a national news service for the people of Wales, by the people of Wales.

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