Hosting a film festival outside Cardiff ‘like pushing a dead horse uphill – but worth it’

Rarely-seen classic The Dragon Has Two Tongues will be amongst the documentaries screened when the third Wales International Documentary Festival returns to Blackwood this week. The festival will screen over 50 documentaries between 18th-20th April. The sessions will include a Q&A with Wales In The Movies blogger Nick Stradling, who […]

Lady Bird – Film Review

Aaron Farrell Lady Bird is an honest, heartfelt meditation which Greta Gerwig has poured wit, charm and a keen eye into to create not just another coming-of -age dramedy but an autership of adolescence. Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson is a paradox. She’s the average seventeen-year-old girl struggling with the tribulations […]

I’m going without food for a week to bring control over broadcasting to Wales

Elfed Wyn Jones Next week I’m going to be living without any food, and any drink apart from tap water, as part of a campaign to bring control over broadcasting to Wales. According to the results of a YouGov survey last year, 65% of people in Wales support giving broadcasting powers to the Assembly while only 35% want politicians in Westminster to retain the power. Democracy isn’t going to work in Wales if the people […]