Support for Welsh independence climbs to 19% in new poll

Support for Welsh independence has climbed to 19%, according to an opinion poll conducted by the universities of Cardiff and Edinburgh. Previous ‘yes’ or ‘no’ polling on the question carried out by the BBC/ICM last year suggested that only 7% backed the idea of Welsh independence. ‘The Future of England […]

Leader of the Wales Green Party joins Plaid Cymru

A man who was until recently leader of the Green Party in Wales has announced that he has joined Plaid Cymru. The news comes on the eve of Plaid Cymru’s Annual Conference in Cardigan where delegates will meet for the first conference since the election of new leader Adam Price. Until joining […]

Life expectancy falling faster in Wales than anywhere in Europe

Life expectancy in Wales is going backwards quicker than anywhere else in Europe according to new data from the Office of National Statistics. And Westminster austerity is to blame for the fall, according to an Oxford University Professor. Official statistics from the ONS show that life expectancy fell by 5.72 weeks for […]

Live: Adam Price wins Plaid Cymru leadership election

  7.54pm Here are Adam Price’s remarks after winning the contest. Speaking about his fellow candidates, he said: “We three were friends before this campaign, during the campaign and remain friends and comrades here now today.  We have stood not against each other, but alongside each other, as servants of the […]