Cardiff Council are at it again

Sam Coates Many Cardiffians will know intuitively what this headline means: to put it kindly, Cardiff Council’s cavalier approach to planning with respect to the wishes of the community, green open spaces, the built environment, and common sense and decency to boot.  It is also no surprise that some of […]

The chlorinated chicken and egg question: Why concerns about a devolution ‘power grab’ are overblown

Andrew Potts In publishing the Internal Market Bill the UK Government, and therefore the Conservative Party, has come in for much criticism across the political spectrum including from within its own Welsh ranks. It has already been described by Welsh Labour as a “power grab” that undermines devolution and erodes […]

Thank God Gareth Bale has left the Real Madrid viper pit

Gareth Ceidiog Hughes Gareth Bale has finally left the viper pit of Real Madrid. The Welsh soccer ball superstar has returned to Tottenham Hotspur on a one-season loan deal, after a torrid couple of years where he was frozen out by head coach Zinedine Zidane. It is understood that Spurs […]