Why greater autonomy for Wales is the best way to strengthen the UK

Andrew Potts, Conservative Party activist from Neath Mark Drakeford said in a recent Financial Times article that he was concerned that Conservatives would try to “clip the wings” of Welsh devolution to reduce the level of autonomy currently being exercised. “I do think that for some Conservative political figures, coronavirus […]

What drives the online IndyWales conversation?

David Clubb As someone with a strong interest in politics and public affairs, I’ve been following the IndyWales discussion with interest for many years. Nothing has the potential to change the nature of our politics, constitution, society and environment as much as becoming an independent nation, and whilst these discussions have […]

It’s time to discuss what Welsh independence is for

Sam Coates Last month, Plaid’s Indy Commission released what it called a roadmap to independence. It is an important piece of work, but it failed to do what the independence movement most needs right now. With devolution firmly in the firing lines of the British right, the independence movement needs […]

Why Faragist politics are doomed to fail in Wales

Ioan Phillips There is an old saying about buses that goes “you wait ages for one, and then three turn up at once”. That might need updating for Welsh politics following the launch of the Reform Party. It joins UKIP and Abolish the Assembly as staunch opponents of devolution. Reform’s […]

Despite the possibility of four Abolish MS, there is nothing in the latest YouGov poll to suggest devolution is in danger

Ifan Morgan Jones My first reaction on opening up this morning’s YouGov poll was ‘Phew!’ That might seem like a strange reaction from someone who is avowedly pro-devolution to a poll projecting that there will be four Abolish the Assembly MS in the next parliament. But while those projected regional […]