Once again, Wales voted Labour, got Tory

  Ifan Morgan Jones Once again Wales went beyond the call of duty in ensuring that a Labour government was elected at Westminster. Contrary to the expectations that the Conservatives could take some seats such as Wrexham and Bridgend, it was Labour who over-ran the Vale of Clwyd, Gower and […]

Plaid Cymru: A few votes from disaster

Ifan Morgan Jones Plaid’s press office will attempt to spin last night’s General Election result as a positive one, and may well succeed in doing so. A disinterested British media will note that they kept all their seats, and added a new MP in Ceredigion’s Ben Lake. But the truth […]

Wales’ battlegrounds: Clwyd South

No. 33 on the Conservative’s target list, a victory here would suggest a healthy Tory majority. Aled McKenzie looks at how it could swing this time… Welsh people often like to describe their own region of the country as Wales in a microcosm, but in Clwyd South’s case this may […]