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Michael Sheen features in new Barry Horns song ‘Cymru Rydd’ released in time for Euros championship

05 Jun 2021 4 minute read
Michael Sheen. Picture by Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0). Right, the Barry Horns.

It’s exactly five years since the Barry Horns released their song ‘This is Wales’ to support Wales at the Euro 2016 tournament.

Now the band are at it again with a new single they hope will inspire the football team and its fans to similar success at Euro 2020.

The new song features a middle 8 vocal sample by Michael Sheen, in which he speaks of Wales “soaring aloft on the magic and mystery of the past”.

Cymru Rydd, the Barry Horns say, is an “existential meditation on the past, present and future of Wales” and a “call to arms that asks a nation which direction it wants to take”.

Describing Wales as locked in a state of “Stockholm Syndrome,  locked away” and “drip fed junk by the press every day,” the song calls for “what we want – Some self-determination” and “Cymru Rydd – Lead Us To Liberation”.

The song also features Welsh language lyrics which discuss the Blue Books and summer homes.

“Featuring a symphonic brass arrangement with distorted guitars and bilingual vocals, this anthemic recording also aims to inspire Wales’ football team to light up the European Championships in the summer,” the band said.

“Sonically influenced by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dog Eat Dog, Ian Dury and Dafydd Iwan, it also features a middle 8 vocal sample kindly permitted by Michael Sheen.”

Cymru Rydd by The Barry Horns

The Barry Horns

Verse 1

I saw the news today, the daily power play, I’m controlled and I scroll till it all falls away

Another dig, another jibe, another ignorant display

Cheap shot but what’s new, it’s the state of the UK?

Wedi’i creu gyda llawer o hypocrisy 

Wedi benni with this phoney equality

Stockholm Syndrome,  locked away 

Drip fed junk by the press every day

Pugnacious little trolls’?” Oh yeah, dead funny

Jacked up hacks spit bile for the money

See the castle built up to look down and subjugate 

The legacy lives on in the British state

From the lying blue books to the red top rags

Little Eng-land loves to kick others for the clickbait




WHAT WE WANT *Some self determination*

CYMRU RYDD *Lead Us To Liberation*

WHAT WE WANT  *Some self determination*

CYMRU RYDD ***Lead Us To Liberation*


Verse 2 

They tried to kill our language with the wicked Welsh Not

Happy for our history and culture to rot

Along with our princes and parliament too

Ond ni Yma o Hyd ac mae’r iaith dal yn fyw 

Felly cofiwch Dryweryn, cofiwch Llywelyn.  [Remember Capel Celyn, Remember Prince Llywelyn]

Owain Glyndwr, yn arwain ein byddin [Owen Glendower leads us]

Digon o ddwr, digon o ddur [Enough water, enough steel]

Digon o glo ond dim elw i ni [Plenty of coal but no profit to us]

Digon o egni ond dim o’r pwer [Plenty of energy but not the power]

Does dim angen gwrando ar lais bach Cymru [No need to listen to Wales’ little]

Y llyfrau glas, cas, llawn celwyddau [The Blue Books, bad, full of lies]

Prynu tai haf wedyn newid eu enwau [Buying second homes and whitewashing the names] 

Soul ripped out of the community

Bought and sold for another B and B.


WHAT WE WANT *Some self determination*

CYMRU RYDD *Lead Us To Liberation*

WHAT WE WANT  *Some self determination*

CYMRU RYDD ***Lead Us To Liberation”


Verse 3

So get up off your knees be ready for the fight

Rage, rage, and make the flame burn bright

For a Wales run by us – not another another elite

It’s time to believe and put the power on our streets

Ireland will unite, Scotland will be free

Dewch ymlaen Cymru which way will it be?

They’re coming to burn our Senedd to the ground

But if we save it now our liberation will be found.



WHAT WE WANT *Some self determination*  

CYMRU RYDD *Lead Us To Liberation*

WHAT WE WANT *Some self determination*  

CYMRU RYDD *Lead Us To Liberation*


Final Chorus

WHAT WE WANT *Some self determination*  

CYMRU RYDD *Lead Us To Liberation*

WHAT WE WANT  *Some self determination*

CYMRU RYDD *This is our destination”

WHAT WE WANT  *Some self determination*

CYMRU RYDD *Resist our annexation*

FE GODWN NI *Eto for inspiration *


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Iwan Ellis
Iwan Ellis
3 years ago

It is spelt RHYDD not bloody Rydd FFS, how many times!!!!! Do not dilute our native tongue..CYMRU RHYDD..OK!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  Iwan Ellis

Is there not a soft mutation because Cymru is a feminine singular noun? To my ear Cymru Rydd is correct.

m powell
m powell
3 years ago

Credaf taw ‘Welsh Knot’ yn lle ‘ Welsh Not’ oedd yn cyfeirio at y darn o bren roedden yn hongian ar y plentyn i’w gywilyddio.

3 years ago
Reply to  m powell


Credaf mai ‘Welsh Not’ yw’r term.
Mae’n cyfleu’r syniad ‘Na i’r Gymaeg’.

Edrychwch ar Wikipedia ac fe welwch lun o ddarn o bren sy’n dangos y llythrennau WN.

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